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Mental issues

According to statistics mental issues are on the rise. Ranging from those that are insane and cannot function, which are thankfully few, those that are simply insane and still walk among us, which are also thankfully few, to those for some reason are classed as mentally ill for some reason.

This will give us a major issue after an event because I would expect many more people to actually snap due to the circumstances around any event. Peoples minds are fragile and even the strongest of us will be impacted by an event and depending on what occurs that impact could have a long term impact. Our emotions will run riot and change the way we act and how we will deal with our situation may not be dictated by logic but by our feelings such as revenge or fear. That would not be in our best interests but we will survive and move on over time.

However, I think that in the immediate aftermath after an event we will have a high proportion of people with mental illnesses, even if it is something short term like shock or a short term mental breakdown we will have to factor this in to our preparations. Someone wandering through our community may not be a looter or even a survivor but someone who is slowly starving to death wandering around and could look OK, be a little dazed but easily snap. These people will die off though from starvation, hypothermia or simply being killed as they approach others.

Moving to medium term though we will have less people with mental issues but those mental issues will be the more serious ones. People who will appear sane but will cut you into little chunks because they want to see how you scream under the excuse that they need to find out where your supplies are and who you are working for. They will be the leaders and members of gangs and compassion will not be very high on their lists. Some will even seek out the less stable of these groups and seek out a lifestyle that some of the saner of us would automatically reject.

However, over time the amount of mentally ill will reduce either through making mistakes and getting killed via some method, including being shot so that longer term we will have few mentally ill people. Only families, where the mentally ill would be protected and given simple jobs, would be the few we meet with a few wandering madmen, living on charity as the remainder.

What is worse is that from what I can see all of the mentally ill now are treated with drugs to some degree of success. Many are being treated successfully via drugs. We need to ensure we have a stock but what about after. What are our choices when drugs will not be available? I fear any long term mental issue with have a medieval treatment of imprisonment or execution. Pretty much a big step back. Although not the only one. At least we won’t be drilling holes in peoples heads, or at least not as mental treatment anyway.

10 comments to Mental issues

  • Sue

    What will also be a major issue is those same people with mental health issues running out of their medication. That will have a devastating effect on them as they go “cold turkey”. And will exacerbate their symptoms. Those who are on recreational drugs will suffer as well if they are addicted and it will make them very dangerous at least for a while. Probably the first 3-6 months after an event would be the most dangerous with this problem. after that time people should have gone through withdrawl and either learnt to live with the condition or died.

  • Skean Dhude


    There is that issue. I don’t think it will be that significant for us unless we are in a city. After all the issue will not be cash or goods but the lack of availability of the drug. Many will just curl up and die.

    On the other hand drugs will be a very contoversial barter item.

  • grumpy old man

    what do you do if your family member is ill or becomes ill you couldn’t just leave them to die could you it then becomes you job to help and look after then does you love stop just because something has happened?
    after an event (large one) the only way people will survive will be by joining together and helping each other doctors are good but there are things they can’t do and unless you find a network and make a group then something will burst are bubble not just the mad bad people

  • PEACE ^_^

    I’m not surprised by the mental issues of the world its getting worse Why? because of technology believe it or not we are getting radiated by microwaves, cosmic radiation from air travel (not mention TSA) magnetic fields in computers, TV’s, radios, phones, washing machines, cars, magnetic fields and radiation are effecting our immune system and our mental health.
    We need get out of the concrete jungles and spend time in woodlands: you’ll feel a lot better, trust me! the word of God is great for mental issues lol

  • Skean Dhude


    This is the issue isn’t it. We tend to close ranks and protect our own. Few will throw them to the wolves. The issue is when it is someone else needing help. That is the true test and depending on how you score most of us won’t do well there. Personally, I am not geared up to support mental issues in others whilst I would be forced to make sacrifices for me and mine.

  • Skean Dhude


    There is much in what you say. The world has changed and modern society has a negative impact on many people. This is evolution in action and is not pretty. Back to nature is a call many are taking up.

    Although I agree a spiritual belief helps people survival mental shocks wemust remember that too much God isn’t healthy either.

  • Kenneth Eames

    Mental illness has been dealt with before Modern medicine came in vogue. Alternative medicines were used before 1939 for many illnesses and there are many sites that contain valuable information. You can search the web for information. I will endeavour to put more information on this site in the form of articles. Although I am retired I still lead a busy life. Kenneth Eames.

  • Skean Dhude


    Most people, including me, do not really understand mental illnesses. We think it can be corrected by therapy and/or a good kicking. Sorry, read positive reinforcement.

    After an event many mental illnesses will be untreated and lead to imprisonment or death. Unfortunate fact of life.

    Families will be the ones to protect the family members with mental issues and treat them or just look after them. Nobody else will.

  • Kenneth Eames

    SD, 2012 the hills around me will be alive with herbs (not music). Among these herbs will be many for use in mental illnesses. I already know several people here who will need treatment and have it all sussed out for them if a situation occurs and normal medication is unavailable. Kenneth Eames.

  • Skean Dhude

    I bet there are a lot around the woods here. I just haven’t ided them yet. I need to get on to that.

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