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By the Seaside

I live within an hour of the North Wales coastline. One thing I have considered is making that my BOL and making some preparations. There are many advantages and a couple of disadvantages.

The advantages are that;

  • There are not that many people in that area although there are quite a few that head that way in the holiday period
  • They have access to a good section of sheltered coastline with the fishing opportunities that gives
  • it is a depressed area and land values are cheap
  • Ditto finding labour is also cheap
  • Plenty of wild and domesticated animals
  • It is far enough away to avoid the bulk of refugees

Disadvantages are;

  • Deprived area. You need a job or money
  • Broadband is slow
  • Plod are strict on traffic. Traffic issues are North Wales plods top priority
  • The locals get territorial speak welsh about the foreign stranger
  • It is bloody cold there over the entire year

I like North Wales. I have quite a few friends there and I enjoy my time there. I would be happy to find a nice plot of land there, several acres, and not necessarily on the coastline but within a short distance.

I could build so Yurt huts or something and plant a few crops, keep a few animals and live quite comfortably. The only thing that stops me is that is that unless it makes enough to live then I need some work.

I have actually considered running some survival courses on there as well. We could cover almost everything of interest to all of us from living off the land to making fire, map reading and shooting.

It could also double as a holiday location. A few tent spots and living in the wilds would be a green holiday. Of course I’d have to cut the gas and electric off for them so they felt at home.

No TV though. Need to keep my blood pressure down.

I’m looking but so far nothing that looks just right.

7 comments to By the Seaside

  • Mark

    North wales is no colder then England, infact is normally warmer, we don’t get much snow or frost, well not on the coast anyway, I live in Conwy, and travel to north west a fair bit, Wigan is usually a lot colder or more frost/snow than us, last year was an exception lol.

  • northern raider

    There used to be rather a healthy cluster of survivalists living around Aberystwith and near the CAT centre, as well as Neil Mk 3 off the old slistuk

  • Kenneth Eames

    I live in the West of Scotland and what you say about North Wales, applies equally as much here. In my particular area, we have the mildest of winter, very little snow and we often miss the worst weather. Often, the rain comes across South or North of us. Population is dwindling due to lack of industry, but the Wind Turbine manufacturers are talking about taking on new staff. We are promised a boost by the local council, so maybe they will pump more money into the area to create more industry. The Highlands Enterprise are good for grants to set up new business. Kenneth Eames.

  • Skean Dhude

    Mark, NR,

    It makes sense. People there are used to roughing it and as a whole are better prepared for any event.


    That was another option for me but is too far away from work and family for me. I also think that as a BOL the distance to travel is too great to risk. Unless I had a job up there it is too risky.

  • northern raider

    I still feel most passionately that in general most of us would be best served and best prepared by biting the bullet, making the sacrifices and relocating to your chosen prefered area. We did, we ended up stressed and penniless, and I struggle to find work, but OVERALL our quality of life, peace of mind, environment for our kids and sense of security far outweigh the dificulties we faced.

  • Skean Dhude


    I agree with you but the situation is that an event is not certain. Most of us are not in the situation that we can live at a BOL. For those that can I agree it is best to do do.

  • northern raider

    Thats definately a sentiment I can agree with.

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