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Government bunkers

As news comes out that the British Government and royalty have a place in a nuclear bunker in Canada I was involved in a discussion over what our leaders were considering as an event.

The mere fact that they have set up such a mitigation plan means that they have an option on the table that ends with the UK being uninhabitable or even devastated and unlovable. That is not good for us as we don’t have the capability of moving abroad or going deeper than they can.

I wonder though what eventuality they are considering. It has been known for a while that our Royals have had a place but the government were never mentioned. Is it something like an asteroid strike that would allow them to have a refuge on the opposite side of the planet and avoid the devastation or is it that they are actually thinking that a nuclear exchange may occur or that a massive uprising may take place.

Our plans and risks see several options which they have obviously considered. A bunker in Canada is not required for most of them.

I would guess that our leading class see an uprising as controllable. Very few of us will do so and we are disarmed. They have all the guns, tanks and planes and the willingness to use them. They see themselves as protected and know they can ride out the uprising by using force.

I think that our leading class also think that a nuclear war is survivable. They see themselves as able to disappear underground for 10 years and come out. Well fed, armed and willing to restore their domination of the country with force.

I wonder though if their well laid plans will actually work. If they go underground in Canada I wonder what they will control when they emerge? After all they won’t be taking an army with them then. What will they use to invade the UK? If they stay in the UK what will they find when they come out. An agricultural society with nobody interested in fighting or an invaded society with foreign troops all set up and more than willing to engage our former troops.

With our leaders thinking that they will survive without any issues and then place themselves back as leaders they are more inclined to actually cause the issues that would lead to that. I don’t trust them at all.

I actually wonder as well if that after year’s underground if any politicians would actually walk out. Politicians would not be required in a new world and the soldiers locked in there with them would now who started it all. I would envisage a military dictatorship would be what walked out. That may be better in some ways.

However politicians are not known for being able to think more than a few minutes ahead. I’m starting to wonder if this could be the way out from the mess these people have made over the last 20 years. An option for them to start again in their dominant position of power.

Our preps of course will help us for any of these although I would also add in that we need to avoid, by about 100 miles, any government underground facilities. There are a few around. Of course if they go to Canada then it probably means our preps will be worthless. If they can’t survive in their nuclear proof bunkers with medical facilities, NBC proof and 10 years worth of food then our cellars are going to be inadequate for us.

I’ll be interested in seeing what numbers they can take to Canada and what the criteria is for them going there. Surely the Canadian government will only allow them as guests. Socialists sticking together.

16 comments to Government bunkers

  • Kenneth Eames

    We had the same evacuation plans in WW2. The Royals and Churchill and his cronies, were going to the US if Hitler had invaded Britain. We had expected that the people of Britain would have fought to the last man. How deceitful our overlords have always been. The population were so gullible in those days. They were great people though. They had a great spirit and worked very hard on behalf of the war effort. People today, through the media know a great deal more, it isn’t so easy to hide events and policies.
    Kenneth Eames.

  • iaaems

    “As news comes out….”
    Interesting piece but I would like to know where this info comes from please as all this is ‘news’ to me and my usually reliable and efficient sources have not picked up on this little gem.

  • Skean Dhude


    I would have linked if I remembered the source. I’ll have a look and see if I can find it. It was first raised a few years ago but then it was a place for the royals and our government wasn’t mentioned.

  • Kenneth Eames

    Having lived through WW2 I have always had a great interest in what happened. There were many reports on this over the years but I have not retained any references. I am sure, that if you put in a search on the web, the information should appear. It was common knowledge after the war was over. I’ll see if I can find some details for you. You might ask old people who were involved in those times. Maybe you’ll find some ‘old git’ like me, who will confirm what I’ve written! Kenneth Eames.

  • northern raider

    The Canadian bunker which cost £70 million to build some years back was meant to house the Royals and the UK govt if it had to flee the UK (thus leaving us to fend for ourselves)

    Its construction was one of the primary factors in me becoming a republican, When the govt said building bunkers could not protect people from nuclear weapons, then went on to spend millions digging bunkers for themselves under DOVER, LIVERPOOL, WHITEHALL, Canada and the massive mega bunker system under CORSHAM in Wilts, but they could not build shelters for servicemens families that finished me with the Monarchy and Parliamentry system

  • northern raider

    Oh Boy you had to ask didnt you, you had to ask 🙂
    Dig your way through this website first

    Then get yourself a copy of Beneath the City Streets ( cant find my copy at the moment.

    and try WARPLAN UK by Duncan Cambell
    Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers by Nj McCamley.

    Then you can join me in being totally miffed at the way we have been shafted.

  • northern raider

    More info for you to chew over, Do a Google for an image of BOX tunnel under Corsham in Wilts, If you look closely you can see two lines running as normalinto the round topped railway tunnel, but look to the right and you can see a huge steel door with another rail line running to it. THAT is the entrance to what many call a secret underground CITY..

    Further do a search for Secret bases and include the search terms BURLINGTON, HAWTHORN and TURNSTILE.

  • Skean Dhude


    These have been around for years. The Box site, for example, was used during WW2 and was a potential home for the royals and gov then.

    There are many sites across the UK but most are secure for tactical reasons, few would be used after an event. Identifying which are which though is more of an issue.

  • northern raider

    Aye but both the Box system and the one in Wales was greatly enlarged and expanded in the 60s and 70s.

  • Skvez

    Lets remember that Canada is part of the common wealth and probably offered the Royal Family a safe place. Of course they accepted, wouldn’t you?
    It’s just another BOL for them. More BOL options are always better then fewer.

    It’s important for the government to have a number of safe places from which they can operate. Any war effort; in the opening strickes tries to upset the command and control of their opponent.
    Yes the government have better defence than you do but they are also a much bigger target than you are.
    Running away to Canada is a bit cowardly though, like the royal family in WWII they should stay at least somewhere in the UK.

  • Skean Dhude

    On the plus side someone will need to allocate a nuke to ensure that they are taken out. It won’t mean any less for us but it means that the misery is shared by our government. I’d hate to be vaporised and find out out leaders made it.

  • Skean Dhude


    Not enough for us though. Just our wonderful leaders.

    History shows that our leaders were the best warriors and lead their troops into battle. Now they write documents. I think it was a lawyer or a politician that penned the words ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’

    They should license pens then and let us get our guns.

  • zack

    I reckon next year something is going to kick off and all the royals including bush lot will end up there not forgetting 2pac,mj, madonna, jay.z, and a few muppet bankers

  • Skean Dhude


    Welcome. With a bit of luck the doors will be sealed forever by some penny pinching beaurocrat. That would be good.

  • Haydn

    This is it you know, we are on the brink of a whole new world war. If America picks romney over obama then iran and libya will go to shit and nuclear war will decend. The brighest and smartest of each country will be saved and a new stream of life will begin.

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