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Things not to do

Following on from Proverbs where I try and pick up experience the easy way I am putting down some things I consider that we should not be doing.

When we consider all the things we have to do we sometimes overlook the obvious. There are things we should not be doing if we want to keep our head down and keep OPSEC.


  • Never be first for anything, unless it is a buffet 🙂
  • Don’t boast about your preps, your weapons or how you are prepared for anything
  • Be careful what you say about politics and controversial issues including justice, crime and the economy to people
  • Don’t say anything illegal to people. The UK has more than it’s share of informers for the Stasi
  • Be careful what you say to your neighbours or your close friends friends or visitors
  • Don’t be first to try a new drug
  • Don’t be first to buy illegal weapons
  • Don’t be in any protests against our political masters
  • Don’t be standing up to plod when they storm your neighbours house to take him away for hoarding
  • Avoid people who want to do these things

The problem with all these things is that these are the people that get killed, jailed, beaten up or robbed. Then when everyone benefits from their actions they still are dead, left in jail or forgotten because, well, they are criminals or troublemakers and nobody important.

Revolutionaries are not really interested in just living an ordinary life they want to be known, they want to be seen and they want to go down in history. We just want to be just left alone and not poked, prodded or pushed around. Unfortunately, I’ve already raised my head above the parapet and am probably already on a list somewhere in government. Hard to believe we are talking about the UK but the EUSSR is calling the shots now and that is starting to make the old Russia look like a test bed.

We’ll be the ones though who will remember what has gone on and remind people about the neighbour when plod and his family are starving and needing help, the informers will also be noted, UK databases are pretty open and the names will get around. We’ll be there when it comes to voting on their guilt and we’ll be there when then need foot soldiers to defend the retreat. All after or during an event though. When law collapses for all.

More importantly we’ll also be there to look after our families.

6 comments to Things not to do

  • Ellen

    Just thought I would let you know that since the last time I was at the regular grocer the prices have really jumped. I buy pinto beans in the 20lb bag and they went from $12.99 (dollars) to $14.99. 15% increase in just the last 2 weeks. Nearly passed out. They had no pasta’s of any kind on sale.
    Canned goods are up at least the 15%.
    Bread has also jumped from $1.29 to $1.59 a loaf (I buy that cheap bread because I like it for toast).
    I don’t know what else has gone up, but I hope to get more built up before they get to that 30% jump they predicted to happen in 2012. Seems they decided to start early.
    How is it over there? Have you seen a big jump in prices?

  • mike

    Just the same here… prices going up wages not.
    The prime minister said “I’ll make it worrth your while to work”
    so what did he do, put wages up? no he just took some money off people on welfare to make it even harder to survive.
    Trying desperatly to get everone unemployed on a course or forced into a low and when I say low I mean low, paid jobs.
    So as i’ve been told we work to be proud that we’re in work and not languishing on benefits.
    I dont know about others but who doesnt feel proud to be a slave working so many hours you hardly see your family for a pitance, I could cry I’m that proud…

  • mike

    when all its for in reality is so you pay your taxes and shut up. your road tax, your income tax, your council rates… we’re on fortnightly bin collection now, I was paying for weekly but funnily enough I dont seen to have had a council tax rebate yet… the librarys are closing odd days here and there… not had a rebate for that either.
    they mess the world economy up and look who pays for it. Dont seem to remember congress or our m.p;s taking a salary cut to help bail us out…

  • Skean Dhude


    And it will only get worse. Stock up what you can.


    Politicians speak with forked tongues. It is unusual for them to do what they say and this is one of them. I don’t want to get into Politics as there are other blogs for that but it supports what we have been pushing about prepping.

    Stock up what you can.

  • mike

    Cant argue with a word,best uk prepping site i’ve seen for a while, of course with the most handsome preppers presense i mean me (ha ha) what could go wrong?

  • Kenneth Eames

    You are absolutely Beautiful Mike, I know all the ladies are drooling over you!!! Joking aside, what you are saying is absolutely true. I’ll say no more, because my blasphemy would lead to SD banning me. ‘Nuff said. Kenneth Eames.

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