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Thinking Ahead – 9

The next in the series to make you think about things up front. Each of you will answer differently and you will all be right, or maybe wrong. It isn’t a sure thing with definitive Yes/No answers. There are no rights and wrongs only something to consider and plan for.

There are riots all over the UK so you are staying in and keeping your head down as most people are. Plod were going around collecting weapons and ammunition. The only real use of a gun register as history has shown. Sadly, after coming under attack and being involved in several gunfights they have now been reduced to asking people to turn them in by the end of the week. Unfortunately this has let to several people being attacked and their firearms stolen. Rumours are also going around about burglars targeting firearms owners and murdering them. It is now Wednesday, half way through the amnesty and you are now deciding what you are going to do.

What are you going to do?

7 comments to Thinking Ahead – 9

  • northern raider

    Hide my guns from the cops and tell em they have already been stolen.

  • mike

    I should think as a very good citizen (stop laughing)I would hand all my firearms in thereby rendering myself completley defenceless, and totaly relying on our beloved policeThat is if I had any…
    I havent applied for an fac or sgc for that reason. If at some imaginary point in the future I happen upon firearms that have been disgarded, well thats not my fault, I dont know if its a blank firer or not, I dont know if its deactivated or not,I’m pretty stupid aas far as guns go…In fact whats a gun im not sure what you mean….

  • mike

    shoot the cops and take theirs…

  • mike

    Thats if I had any guns which I do solmenly swear I dont…

  • northern raider

    But But But we dont need guns in the UK, the gummint passed a law outlawing guncrime so no one needs a gun any more.

    Actually in all seriousness I would in todays Britain be far more worried about being shot by the police than I am about being shot by a criminal.

  • fred

    Yep – they’ve been officially stolen already. Alternative is shoot the police.

  • grumpy old man

    if i had guns i would say the were stolen by force from armed crimials and as a law abiding person wouldn’t shot the crimials ???
    but i haven’t got any guns so they wouldn’t come round anyway
    just a bad temperd wife is all i need

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