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Meets, Events and RVs

As you may be aware I’m very interested in setting up a community of preppers in the UK. Not as much to set up a commune but more of a way to meet like minded people, share knowledge and perhaps, if you really get on, to arrange a method of keeping in touch and build up to where you may consider a way to meet up after an event.

Most of us are a little paranoid, we want to maintain OPSEC and keep out heads down. Talking about what we have and what our plans are is against our natures. Although people do like to help others and also like to compete with others so we sometime tell people more than we should. Bad people can use this against us.

However, I think that in many situations it is worth the risk. I personally put my head above the parapet to help others and compromise my OPSEC to help others. So far though I have gained several new friends and a lot of satisfaction with these sites. I think you can benefit from this too.

So, as well as setting up the contact database where you can find people in your area I have also added a ‘RVs and Meets’ forum area. This area is for people to announce public RV‘s, events and meets where we expect fellow preppers to go. You can arrange to meet up or coordinate travel plans there. No private meets please, PM or the contact db can be used for that.

Any meets, RVs, or event posted there must be open to all who are interested in prepping or survival. If you want to set up clubs that have limited membership then go to email and do it from there.

10 comments to Meets, Events and RVs

  • northern raider

    I wonder if its worth emphesising that ideally RZ’s, Meets and Gatherings should be bipartisan if possible, welcoming preppers and survivalists from all clubs, groups, blogs and forums, and none of the elitist divisive crap that has been put out in the past in some circles.

  • grumpy old man

    rv’s and meet are good if you get to know people you might build up a friendship to help you if things go wrong

  • Skean Dhude


    On my sites every forum is open, nomember areas, except for the contact db and the forums no sign up is needed and in both those places it is to stop spammers. Everyone is welcome.

    I don’t think I need to say that but for the avoidance of doubt.

    Everyone is welcome. I’ll update the main post.


    Exactly the idea.

  • JD1

    I think meet-ups are vital to get to know people you might be in contact with after an event. I find smaller meet-ups between 2 or 3 people are easiedt to set up, i’ve lost count of the number of meets that never got off the ground due to trying to make dates that suit lots of people.

    Even if you do get a date agreed no matter how many people say “i’ll be there” in my experience not many people actually turn up. There is always an excuse, some of which may even be genuine 🙂

  • Skean Dhude


    My experience as well. That is why I like to pick a date announce it and all are welcome. If it works out OK, I’m not wasting my time, then I’ll pick another and repeat. I do try and have a subject though. Something like a training course or something.

  • northern raider

    I used to like having bug out exercises on a weekend, I would simply post an OS map number and grid reference, and a estimated time I would like folks to arrive. I would lay on a BBQ and drinkies, usually have some give aways, do some discussions then socialist for the evening, worked OK for a few years until the price of fuel and peoples reluctance to travel got the upper hand.
    I stopped going to other RZs up north when the last one I was invited to that was supposed to have about 6 people present turned out to be the organiser who was late and hung over.

  • Skean Dhude


    Good idea. Maybe we should do that on weekend.

    Regarding your last RZ I guess that these things happen. Probably no different from any other group.

  • northern raider

    We did various RZs over the years and I think we could get away with having an annual gathering as part of an already existing event. Such as at the Bushcraft show in Kendal in June or the Wilderness Gathering in Wilts in August. Thats how BP and I have been playing it. These places already have everything we need, like and are familiar with for the bushcrafting and wilderness survival community. We could book a spot or place a marquee from preppers and survivalists to get togther at and break down some of these boundaries.

  • northern raider

    SD be warned and be prepared for lots of disappointment, Every one we have had going back to even the ones you knew about in Devon always have the same problem. People prmise to come they one back one they back out, or just dont turn up, or even with a years notice claim they have not had enough time to arrange travelling. Its fair to suggest that if 50 say they will come be grateful if 5 turn up.

  • Skean Dhude


    Even if I meet only one good person I’ll be fine. It is quality not quantity that we want. I won’t be disappointed.

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