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Thinking Ahead – 11

The next in the series to make you think about things up front. Each of you will answer differently and you will all be right, or maybe wrong. It isn’t a sure thing with definitive Yes/No answers. There are no rights and wrongs only something to consider and plan for.

It’s been six months after the pandemic. Most of the UK has been wiped out and only 5% of us survived the pandemic and the short but violent riots. It is common knowledge that it was a manufactured pandemic because 99% of those who took the compulsory vaccinations died within a month. The subsequent time though was nowhere near as bad as was expected and your little community of three families is doing great. You have plenty food and you are comfortable in your retreat on the outskirts of town. It is a single home, looks derelict but has a modest underground facility where you live. It has a stream running past with fish and there are crops growing hidden in the woods surrounding your retreat.

There is the one area of concern though and it is you are near a large compound full of ex-government people, some police but mainly council and DWP pen pushers, who had prepared with council funds as the pandemic accelerated. The group is about 8 times the size of your group with about 100 members, heavily armed and you have seen they are prepared to use the weapons when some people from the nearest village, about 5 miles away, approached their compound a few weeks ago and were shot for no reason that you could see. They clearly wanted to be left alone. They have three storage bunkers dotted around the area. One is pretty close to where you are based and you have seen vehicles driving in and out of there once a month with stores for the main compound. You only know they are there because you were around when they were built.

They are aware of your presence but don’t know where your retreat is and they have generally ignored you when they have spotted you while they were out and about. Just pointing the weapons at you as a warning. They rarely leave their compound except for supplies from the bunkers and to deal with their crops on the other side of their compound from you. As they travel in convoys when they are out and about you can hear them coming for miles. Their OPSEC is poor and they seem to rely on force and numbers in all their activities.

One day you are in your nest watching the compound and you see three men moving into a similar position only a few yards away. As your nest has been in place for a while it is almost invisible. One of the men has a rifle, another a spotting scope and a third has a suppressed H&K MP5. The rifleman and the spotter set up position whilst the third guy moves to cover their backs. You recognise the spotter as a guy from the local village whilst the others are clearly from further afield. You suspect that they are going to take out someone in the compound. You don’t dare move and so you settle down to wait.

A few hours pass and nothing much is happening, the rifleman and spotter are simply documenting the compound and the personnel, comparing notes and making a map of the compound, it’s access points and the surrounding area. After a while they move from the vantage point and sit down right by your nest. They then radio their base and report they have the data and the compound is unprepared and an easy target as they were complacent and with minimal defences besides the building, the fencing and few guards. They are told to return to the village to plan the assault. As they packed and checked that nothing was left behind you hear the local villager asking them about their retreat. From the replies it appears there are about 30 men in the party that have come over from their retreat about 70 miles away from here. From the sound of it they were just coming with the intent of wiping the inhabitants of the compound out as vengeance for the death of a relation a few weeks ago and then going back home. They leave and you watch them carefully until they disappear. You get out of cover and return to your own retreat taking care you are not followed.

You tell the other members of your group what you saw and heard and discuss the situation. Should you warn the compound?

What do you do now?

5 comments to Thinking Ahead – 11

  • grumpy old man

    no i would say nowt

  • mike

    Seems like the people from the village are well organised and close knit,seems like the dwp compound is staffed by the dregs of society…weilding their power as usual….using funds that were’nt there own… tut tut.

  • Northern Raider

    I’d take out the other two and make it look the the compound security team had found them, anything that diverts attention away from my people.

  • Ellen

    I wouldn’t do anything. If those that came out to scout the place out was a group of 30 (seems rather large) they could have posted lookouts just minutes after you leaving your nest. And that would cause them to notice YOU or whomever goes to notify the ones being observed by this bunch.
    Even if they seemed to have left, and they made a map of the compound, would seem that they would have left behind ones to overlook points that they deem weak or to just keep an eye on their ativities and report back to their head quarters what is going on.
    And I think that would be a hint for me/and or my group to further fortify our retreat. Even though you hate the thought of an ambush/plot to attack ones around you it is something that they themselves should have avoided to start with.
    And now you know what will go on if for some reason you inadvertantly draw their attention. Fore warned is fore armed.

  • Bug out Bag

    I would’t warn the DWP compound. I wouldn’t put my own community at risk. It’s not as though the DWP people are going to be helpful to have around! My concern would be if the aggressors took a shine to the DWP compound and decided to stay. Of course there is a good chance that once the DWP people have been overcome the agressors will take all the useful stuff lying around in the compound and go home leaving the supply bunkers to those who know where they are! In the the meantime keep a low profile and work on defences and security.

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