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A get together weekend

I’ve finally been talked into it by Northern Raider and so I’m finally going to get moving and arrange a library weekend for end of March next year near Chester. I’ve pencilled in Saturday the 31st March. I’ll arrange somewhere where we can meet, get to know each other and let others see what books we have. I’ve made it a Saturday so that people don’t have to worry about work the next day.

There are a couple of logistical issues that I want to resolve before I book as the answers will decide the venue.

1) Food. Are we going to sort ourselves out or are we going to go out?
2) How many are coming. I’ll probably have to pay for a room and I’ll be miffed if I pay for something when I could hold the people that turn up in my car. So if you are unsure then say so. I’d rather squeeze a couple in to a small place than rattle about in a big place with few there.
3) How long do you think it should last? We need a few hours to meet and chat so I’m aiming for about five Hrs. Is that reasonable?
4) I also think that those that want to could bring anything they think we would be interested in.
5) No weapons. Any venue I can think of will have a fit. If we decide we want to do that we can arrange a different place, different time, where we can see them in action.

Feel free to comment. If you want to remain anonymous then just email me and let me know your thoughts.

Your thoughts please.

12 comments to A get together weekend

  • Northern Raider

    1 Hey dont blame me 🙂
    2 I like Premier inns cos they have good food usually available all day
    3 Im up for it in principle, the last one in Brum lasted all weekend and we talked until 3 AM both nights !!
    4 I was going to bring books, BOBs to view and some bits to give away
    5 No weapons may be a problem if folks wish to discuss and examine air rifles, bows and blades so perhaps more effort will have to go into finding some place for the meet.
    Historically if you have 200 preppers 50 will say they will come and 5 will turn up, so dont get disapointed

  • mike

    hey nobody’d be disapointed if I turned up, you’d all spend at least 3-4 hours astonished by my handsomeness alone…. stop laughing…I can hear you…

  • John

    Would be nice to have comfortable bed.
    Premier Inns are OK, lot have Beefeater attached for nearly all day grub and liquid.
    Would need private room to talk.
    Happy to pay my way.

  • Skean Dhude


    This will be the first time we meet. I think that as it is going to be a book weekend is enough. We can arrange a weapons weekend at a different time and place. After all most of us don’t know anyone else and it will be a public place. Of course you can always bring something and show it to those that are interested outside the venue.

    So it looks like some people want a comfortable bed. If so then let me know and it’ll help with the planning.

    If only 5 turn up I’ll be fine. makes for a more personal get together.

  • mike

    oooooo matron you are naughty !!!

  • moosedog

    Please put me down as a “maybe”. As you know I have certain problems that may require me to remain at home but if possible I would like to join you all: an excellent idea to have a get together.

  • fred

    Five in a bed – survivalists are an interesting lot.

  • Skean Dhude

    Adaptable id the word you are looking for.

  • Preservefreak

    I’d be interested in going to this but I am at a wedding on the 31st of March. If there’s a date change for some reason please let me know, I’d love to come


  • Timelord

    I’m there! I have a contact in Chester if that is any help with making arrangements..

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