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Meeting Report

Well the meet went ahead on Saturday and I had quite an interesting time. I hope the other attendees did to. I took a couple of carrier bags of books for people to look at and stacked them on the table ready for a discussion point.

There were four attendees besides myself in the end and between us we lasted from before the official midday start to almost 2100. John was first on the scene and we had quite an interesting chat about the prepper community and people we know as well as some of the topics we talk about on the forums. Very nice guy. He left mid afternoon.

When he left TimeLord was next to turn up and we had an interesting talk about medieval weapons as well as other general prepping topics. He had also brought his own books in a large sack and I had a good look through those. He had a few books I had not seen before such as Anglo Saxon life where it discussed how the Anglo Saxons lived, ideal for information for when technology is not there, as well as one on medieval weapons.

In addition omeone new, who we will call JH, turned up at the meet with his wife and being a friend of TLs he also had knowledge of medieval weapons. It was nice to meet the both of them.

To me it was time well spent. I met new people who were interested in prepping in general. I also learnt a few things about medieval weaponry that has got me interested in finding out more.

Next time I’m going to arrange a meeting where we can try out some tools. Medieval weaponry seems a very popular choice so watch this space.

While I was in the pub I was approached by several people enquiring about the books on the table and what we were doing. They didn’t seem that excited when we said it was a book club. Books, sounds boring.

All in all though I enjoyed the day. Well worth the time spent.

21 comments to Meeting Report

  • Kenneth Eames

    I am so pleased that you thought the day was worthwhile and you were not disappointed. I had envisaged many more people would have been there. It would seem that the day can be marked down as successful. I am very pleased for you. Kenneth Eames.

  • Northern Raider

    Its a definate start and can only get better.

  • fred

    I think if it was an activity based day, it might attract many more. For example, if you have a themed day on some shelter or food preservation process or whatever and there were things to demonstrate and look at, it might attract quite a few. It seems you have something in mind from your last words in the post.

    • Northern Raider

      I believe that is SDs intent, he is already contemplating finding some place where we can do a spot of archery and crossbow practise, along with a (very) basic into patroling / tactical movement plus displaying prepper kit from BObs to water filters etc. Trust me fred SD doesnt appear to miss a trick 🙂

  • Skean Dhude

    Guys, I found that talking to a small group and building up a relationship was more important than just meeting a large group of people. When I arrange the next event we may have more people coming but it will be busy so less chance for getting to know people.

    I did enjoy the day and am working on the next.

  • mike

    With regard to the patrolling intro on the next meet and having crossbows/bows.
    If it’s going to go ahead it may be advisable to be careful where you do it.
    I know they were “muslim” but a few lads got nicked a while ago practicing “maouuveres” in a local park.
    We are after all classed as “right wing” Imagine what a coup it would be for plod to catch a load of “armed” even with crossbows “right wing terrorists”
    You may think it a remote possibility but I think it’s a possibility nonetheless…

  • mike

    Fully private land I think with regard to having bows/crossbows and as for the patrolling NR, you’d better check up on whether it’s still under the official secrets act, I know we got told not to show anybody anything.
    AND as retarded as it seems I’m sure we dont want to atract any more media attention, they’d have a field day, all it takes is for somebody to tip them off what we were doing, however innocent it is and would be, you know what shit the papers make up.

    • Northern Raider

      See my other reply and teaching tactical moving and patroling is not covered by the OSA

      • Northern Raider

        Further to my last post even the police run course often via neighbourhood watch schemes to teach people tactical movement and situational awareness, the cops are always trying to drum into pensioners to watch if they are being followed when they collect their pensions, taxid drivers being told to ge aware of being asked to go to remote locations, students being told to watch who they let into their halls of residence, bus drivers, petrol station staff, shop wortkers etc being trained on how to do the evening banking run safely, vulnerable people using public transport etc.

        I believe its silly parania and rambo hysteria from within our community that is much of the problem, millions of people enjoy archery, crossbow and rifle shooting so long as they remain legit and safe.

        My son is going away for a week on an outdoor course with his school, they are shooting, doing archery, survival skills, camp coking, problem solving, orienteering etc, all via the D of E scheme, what what with that cept for some of our own paranoia and coinspiracy theory rubbish?

  • mike

    You might tghink I’m being over sensitive on the issues of opsec, but how many people read this site?
    Do we know their intentions are honest like ours?
    Certainly journos dont have an honest bone in their body and only exist to sell papers…

    • Northern Raider

      Yup I think you are being overly sensitive :), We are not breaking any laws or even coming close to breaking any laws, again whats with the Paranoia ? its fear or fear itself that drove a lot of us from other prepper sites because many of them we afraid of their own shadows.

      We simply dont have anything to hide from anyone except our desire for privacy.

  • Timelord

    yeah, whats all this going on about patrolling, practising manouvres, crossbows, Official secrets act etc on this very public main site?? How to attract attention or what.. NR is right, remember the govt says you must be guilty if you have something to hide.. What needs hiding about a few fellow students of bushcraft & civil preparedness getting together on a loandowners private land with their permission & then practising all those perfectly legal hobbies. Cmon…

    • Lightspeed

      “bushcraft & civil preparednness” Excellent phrase Timelord. I’m appropriating it immediately to answer any explanation of my new hobby!

      I agree, we do not need to be frightened of our own shadows, we are not against society, quite the reverse, we look to ensure that society survives.


  • Kenneth Eames

    There is a perfectly simple way to avoid problems and that is to set up a re-enactment society. The press don’t usually bother with such organisations. Kenneth Eames.

  • Paul

    Sorry guys but I think Mikes cause for concern is a justified one.
    Private land or not, telephoto lenses don’t care and pictures or video of probably mainly white, possibly camo wearing, bodies practicing field drills (armed or not) and later practicing with crossbows is an “ethnic” journalists wet dream.
    You may even see your efforts graded on UTube before the day has finished together with your faces and car reg numbers. A really bad day regarding your own personal security.

    I shoot with an airgun field target club. They, like the majority of airgun FT clubs, go to great lengths NOT be seen as paramilitary based, to prevent bad press.
    They won’t even allow drab or camo clothing or camo gun slips!

    Now take away the airguns, replace with crossbows, and you training in tactical movement?

    NR is right, there is nothing to hide, nothing illegal, and probably going to be a hoot BUT viewed in the eyes of our P.C. limp wristed country, it could easily be interpreted, and displayed in the press as the start of a white militia group.

  • Skean Dhude

    OK Guys. As you know I don’t want to get into politics here so instead of the (long) article I will make it simple.

    I am aware of the namby pamby society in which we live and the land I am looking at for this is well out of the way of any casual passerbys. More curious prying eyes will easily be spotted telephoto lenses or not. Now SAS troopers will make it unnoticed but not journos who don’t like getting muddy. Plus hiding during a shoot is not a good idea and even our courts will not be impressed with trespassing, hiding and then complaining when they get shot by people doing nothing illegal. If they are not hiding I’ll call Plod myself and get them arrested for trespass.

    This is not illegal and thus I’m happy to do it. As long as everyone remembers that the law applies and bringing the wrong bit of kit may see them being arrested. That is their choice and they face the consequences of their actions.

    So when it is arranged with the landowner I’ll set up the meet and then those that are interested will go, have fun and learn.

    If you are worried about any aspect of this this then don’t come. Simple.

    If you are thinking of sending the SAS then let me know and they can get involved. I knew a couple a few years ago and very good chaps they were too. Lots of helpful advice.

  • Timelord

    Did you know the ACF practise patrolling & combat, including shooting real guns. Shock horror – and thay are just a Youth charitable organisation. Sponsored by the military, but distinctly not part of the military. Just a childrens youth activity organisation! There are cold war e-enactment groups out there nowadays, practising all this stuff. Combined with studying military or disaster management history and a hobby interest in the relevent kit and a healthy interest in outdoor pursuits of various kinds. Then what is the problem? Don’t bring camo gear. simple enough. Maybe we should start a bushcraft society or a re-enactment society as Kenneth suggested, then we will be the same as those groups already out there existing quite happily. I don’t know many bushcrafters paranoid about OPSEC. Do you think paintballers should think twice in case a dumb reporter accuses them of paramilitary leanings? All this paranoia and then even posting it in detail on the front page of public forums makes it look like we have sinister motives to hide. It will only make reporters & the authorities look more closely. AT ALL OF US! For real OPSEC, don’t print it out for all to read and being a real grey man is not all about slinking in the shadows. If you want to write about the above mentioned issues, then please do it off the main site page as it looks really bad for all the members. Thankyou & no upset is intended to anyone. It is good we have debate, just certain keywords shall we say, are better discussed elsewhere. Regards, TL.

  • Timelord

    Ok, so “paranoia” is probably not the best word I could have used, maybe we could all be regarded in that way to varying degrees based on some inexperienced public perceptions. Maybe I should have just referred to the commenters view as “concerns”. Yes that will be it. Sorry if originally it sounded a bit harsh, it was not intended to be critical as such. The main theme however remains the same. Safe travels. TL.

  • Northern Raider

    To learn to become good citizens with useful skills that could help our communities in a crisis or civil emergency we have to practise, just like say for example Raynet the civvy radio groups who help at events and major disasters 🙂

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