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The peace of the countryside

Out today making arrangements for the bow and arrow weekend. Looks like I may have a place. I’m off there Monday to look at the available land and see if any is suitable. Anyway, talking to the guy about our Bushcraft and Camping group, whistle innocently. He seemed quite interested and was more than happy for letting the land be used for something interesting if there is somewhere suitable.

During my search I was visiting another large farm about a mile from a small village and 7 miles from the outskirts of a small city. I was talking to the landowner and I commented it must be quiet out here and what he said surprised me quite a bit. It seems that it may be quite as in the literal sense it is far from quiet in reality. It seems that there are regular visits from criminals to the countryside and they steal everything from tractors and farm machinery to farm animals and produce. They even break into people houses and steal their possessions. This farmer has a farm shop and he explained that his wife was help hostage and robbed a few years ago. These are people that have licensed shotguns and firearms. The fear of prosecution like Tony Martin means that the scum are not scared to take what only a decade ago was unacceptable risk. Thank you our useless justice system.

They are pretty close to civilisation but from what he was saying it makes me think again about being able to avoid scavengers after an event out in the countryside. It seems that they may be more of an issue than we originally thought. Obviously without Plod to protect them they will be less of an issue in that respect but more of an issue as in they know where all the buildings are and are not afraid to steal from there knowing that you have limited backup.

It won’t make much difference to me and my plans but for those on small holdings or farms not too far from a large group of people then you should consider beefing up your passive defences. The farmer I was talking to has built outhouses around his home and the place looks more like a castle now than a farm house. One thing I did notice was that the place was surrounded by tall hedges and mext to the hedges those trenches with grids to stop cows and animals wandering off. Simply remove the grills or cover them up and you have some nice ankle breakers with the bad guys stuck the wrong side of a hedge with a beefy farmer. A not very happy beefy farmer.

2 comments to The peace of the countryside

  • mike

    I never held out much hope for post shtf country areas being protected areas.
    Reason one being my bols out in the country side, and whilst its remote there are farms and such around it.
    Now whllst I have my own food and supplies I’d be looking at recce’ing isolated properties that look abandoned to resupply or getting re equiped with tools etc should I require them.
    Now whilst I and my tribe are courteous and wouldnt take from an inhabited place and would try and barter and trade for gear, others will not and will attempt to take by force, that herd of cows or sheep or chickens wont last a week unless protected 24/7/365.
    As you said after shtf wrol applies and things are different and thieves will get whats coming to them. I think youd be under serious amounts of intrusions, probably on a daily basis to probe you and your security,if you dont believe me a lowly infantry grunt ask southern prepper1. This at the very least will be overwhelmingly tireing and unless your willing to reply to any and all intrusions with deadly force you may as well give up prepping now. You can have all my preps when you pry them from my corpse and not before.
    The FIRST place ANYBODY from the city is going to look for food after the supermarkets have run out is the countryside. Dont believe me?? What do you think of when you think of the countryside?? I think cows, sheep, ducks, geese,eggs, bacon, ham, onions, cabbage, turnips…..mmmmmmmm the list goes on.
    It isnt just me that thinks countryside equals food, yes millions will die because theres no takeaways anymore, no asda no tescos etc… but not everybodys stupid.
    In the army the biggest mistake you can make is to underestimate your enemy. If you overestimate their abilities and they fall short, well you were prepared for them to be better so the battles easy.
    You underestimate them and the battles lost because they throw things at you, you never even expected them too.
    IMHO the one flaw with a lot of preppers in general is underestimating what they’ll face post shtf.
    What does it matter if you over prepare for an enemy that may never come?? It dosnt.
    But it will matter if you dont prepare and the enemy does come wont it??

  • grumpy old man

    that’s my thoughts too.
    the city kids aren’t stuiped they go camping getting wrecked at the weekends in the country and guns don’t worry them
    because they can get them too.
    people won’t just die off they will be like rats

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