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Cowboys and Indians

It looks like we have a go for the Bow and Arrow weekend. I have arranged a field on the outskirts of Chester for Saturday the 9th June 2012.

I’ve bought a bow, some arrows and a target for us to use. If you have your own equipment then bring it along and show us how it is done. The fields that are suitable are in use normally by cows and the farmer wants some cash, £60, for the use of the field for the day. I tried to get it for nothing but it was not to be as he normally does clay pigeon shoots there and they pay him £150 for the day. So, I’m looking for a payment towards the field rental for all those that want to come. I’ll need some idea of who is interested so we can sort out the exact costs.

This place is about 5 miles from Chester and there are no local shops. We will have to bring everything we need, including food and toilet facilities to the field. I’ll sort out the toilet facilities, a portaloo and a tent probably, but you will need to bring your own refreshments.

I propose that we start around 1100, I will have set up the equipment beforehand.
1100 : We have someone who knows what they are doing give us instructions
1120 : We can each have a go in turn
1300 : Demo of other toys. I’ll bring my old crossbow and anything else I think is worthwhile. No guns though. I’m hoping TL can bring his atlat (If I got it right)
1400 : General target practise and managed play
2000 : Finish

The field is sloped, from left to right, we will put ourselves at the bottom of the slope firing upwards, thus any errant arrows will go into the bank or the side fields. There will only be us there so we will be free to do what we want within reason. We can adapt our agenda as the day goes on.

I’m open to input for the agenda but I need to know who is coming so we can sort out the cost as early as possible. If you want to come let me know. If you are not sure then make sure before you commit because I’ll get hit by the cost then. No guns though as there is no secure area to leave them and you won’t have permission to use them.

I’ll open a thread on the forum tomorrow. You can register your interest there and we can discuss views on the agenda.

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