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What I’m looking for

Now I’ve decided the location I’m making a list of what I want to see on my plot of land.

First of all I want at least seven acres of land. I want at least three acres of fields to grow crops, keep livestock and put some buildings on. I also want a minimum of three acres to be a woodland. Access needs to be enough for a car and a caravan. I don’t want any housing estates or homes too close and I don’t want anything with a public right of way. I also want sporting rights over the land. I want it to be within an hours drive of Chester.

I don’t think that is too unreasonable.

Optionally I would prefer it with a stream running through and backing off on to more woodlands. A pond if there was enough space and something with a bit of character, a gully or rock outcroppings. I would also like something that was high up to avoid floods and see the surrounding countryside. I would also like it to be thirty minutes of Chester and access by C road only.

The plan would be to move on to that land in a caravan and stay there a couple of nights a week whilst I was working on setting things up. Building my systems and caches. I would then keep it looked after and hunt on it to keep a presence there making friends with the locals to try and stop them burning me out whilst telling them I am looking after it for Taff in South Wales.

Obviously it is flexible beyond that and I’ll see what is out there to buy.

5 comments to What I’m looking for

  • bigpaul

    great idea SD, i just hope you’ve got large pockets/lots of money, 7 acres will cost a lot of dosh, dont know the price in Wales but in my neck of the woods your talking tens of thousands of pounds! try Googling “Smallholdings” in Wales you might just be lucky, good hunting and i hope you find what your looking for. BP.

  • Lightspeed

    HI SD,

    Bigpaul’s right, your dream will cost you a significant sum. A recent RICS survey rported rural land prices in wales averaging at almost GBP 7k per acre.

    Wouldn’t it be smarter to purchase just one acre with sporting rights in the requiite location? That way you’d have enough space to legitimately hunt and go about low key prepping activites, and after a major SHTF event you’d simply appropriate adjoining territory??? Who’llbe around to worry about property rights after the event anyway?

    However another thought. All of these remote areas that we have our thoughts set upon are currently inhabited, and my experience is that the more remote they are, the hardier and more prepared the current inhabitants are. I would expect that after a major event and subsequent die-out there will be two groups of folk that can be expected to be resiliant and actually be in a somewhat stronger than average position: these are 1. Those currently living in the remote locations and 2. Gipsy / Tinker / travellers.

    So maybe the idea of a last minute escape to the hills is untennable, as may be the possibility of appropriating neighbours land of course?????

  • Skean Dhude

    That may be a lot of cash but lets look and see what happens. I’ve seen prices in Wales from less than £1K an acre up to £40K depending on permissions. I’m looking at the cheaper end.


    That might work but I want to prepare the ground and use the area. It is difficult to buy and acre anywhere and I doubt I could hide anything on it from beighbours.

    I see myself expanding in the area and moving on to missing neighbouring plots but I need something decent to start with.

  • bigpaul

    £1K wouldn’t even buy you an allotment down here, i have seen some woodland for about £10k but that was just some trees on the verge between field and road, most land or wood starts at about £19k going up to £35K upwards but of course you are up against the “Pony Paddock” brigade wherever you try to buy.

  • The other half and myself are looking to get out of the city, our house is up for sale now, we want to get into the country, or at least outskirts of a village. At the moment we are trying to talk a land owner at one of the estates we do pest control at to sell a small cottage that they no longer use, if it comes off I will be very happy as it is in the middle of 1500 acres that we shoot, and if SHTF it has everything from rabbits to a large amount of deer on it, (we have the weapons for all) and it’s own water supply. Here’s hoping

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