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Dog eat dog

One mans view on what lies ahead and how he is thinking.

Lets get one thing clear, there is NO we in survival. WTSHTF It’s not the survival of the fittest BUT the survival of the richest. Who realizes that when (NOT IF) China starts WWIII It’s the person who has spent a great deal of his money on caching away large amounts of supplies over the last few years. It’ll be dog eat dog and all the people in here will gladly kill u for a bag of oatmeal.

Being Ex Forces I had spent the last few years in service training around Hereford and Brecon gaining knowledge of every cold war and WWII Bunker and Command centre. I have built up a very detailed map with underground water catchments and areas within those two locations that I have Hoarded away not only food w—-ns and a–o but escape vehicles. Take a tip money will be no good to you then. Someone once said on here there is nothing to eat in the country and woods … I still train survival to certain elements of the armed forces BELIEVE me there is an abundance of wild food.

I have been monitoring this site for some time and believe me I won’t be the only one, I have come forward now as I feel that if any of you will stand a chance you had all better wize up and listen to some one who makes a living out of this.. Believe this or not i’m here to advise you, there’s only about 3-4 years left I’m staying in the area of Brecon as I have stashed most of my supplies in this area and it is a rich source of underground water. There are also a large network of underground shelters in this area. One I intend to use is very well concealed in an old railway tunnel. It took me a long time to find this and I KNEW WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. I believe that the Brecon Beacons will not be a nuclear target but a Bio Chemical with ground Zero on the town and Military establishments. Due to the rich farming and forestry in this zone. Please if you live in these areas DO NOT Attempt to find any of my equipment. This is a friendly warning. I operate in these areas normaly during last/first light. Using a forestry made up vehicle, blends in and no questions asked. If I lp in any I can help in any way just ask. But after it all goes down, It’s dog eat dog

38 comments to Dog eat dog

  • Skean Dhude

    Sarge, Sounds like you have a plan and have been implementing it for some time.

    I believe what was said about living from the woods was that after an event with people looking for food all the easy areas will be hunted out. Obviously the more remote areas will still have food and knowing how to get it and sirvive out there is a big plus.

    I’m interested in your experience of caching out inthe wilds. How you packaged, how you chose your locations. Anything you can tell us without compromising OPSEC will be appreciated.

  • Hiya Sarge

    Sounds like you have a great deal of knowledge, but forgive me for asking, if you don’t want people to look for your stuff why say what area it is in?

    Take care

  • sarge

    Hi Lizzie, people will look and they will bring attention to them selves. It’s human nature. I no longer work on a full time basis, I just do the odd course , now and again. So i’m always around the area, but I have every confidence stuff won’t be found. Also can I point out that when we use the word camouflage, most people think of painting their gear or putting netting on.,but remember it is to blend into the surrounding area.So who’s to say that the forestry official that pulls you up and asks what the hell your doing. Isn’t me really saying ” Ay bud your getting TOO close.

  • Lightspeed

    Thanks for sharing this Sarge.

    Its always good to pick up other’s insights, especially from thse as experienced as you.

    Stay safe.

  • in england multiple hits with nukes and england will glow in the dark mate there will be no where to hide pal so good luck with that

  • david075

    @ SARGE You have just told us you impersonate forestry officials ? did i pick that up right ?

  • bigpaul

    obviously someone who never heard the term “grey man” or “low profile” or even “incognito”!he has now told anyone using these sites the area where he keeps his preps, what kind of structure he is hiding in and even the appearance of his vehicle! not very clever.

  • sarge

    Ok I have no problems with the replies, it’s nothing I didn’t expect.It is after all human Nature.The idea was to assist anyone that wanted assistance. I’m all set , I HAVE no fears of you finding anything or I wouldn’t have posted up. I never mentioned SAS anywhere in my posts. I’m certainly not in England.
    I’ve been passing on my experience for a number of years to people just like yourselves, the only difference being they wanted help, and weren’t weren’t afraid to ask
    As “Northern Raider has kindly pointed out to you all “all the railway routes are listed on the web and all the bunkers and command centres have long since been documented on places like Subterainia Britanica” WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.
    Anyway as I say the offer was there. No skin off my ASS.I had nothing to gain have. Just a lot to share.
    Good Luck!

    • Northern Raider

      Dont supposed it ever crossed this chaps mind that many of us on this terribly nice forum are also READY and also ex regular army types who are already helping each other.

    • mkvenner

      Sarge, what you’re saying is making a lot of sense to me dude. I’ve thought for a long time now that the world around us is a lie. There’s some pretty nasty illuminati crap going on right now and this worlds getting pretty crowded. I don’t wanna be one of the chumps that gets pruned when the axeman comes dude. I’d like to discuss some serious issues with you man but I got some pretty heavy stuff going down right that I gotta deal.

  • Northern Raider

    Most entertaining article I have read for quite a while.

  • Northern Raider

    Just thinking slightly laterally but on the forum we have ex regular squaddies and other servicemen,ex cops doing the rounds, outward bound and wilderness survival instructors, at least one dude with his mountain leadership certificates, at least one small bore and full bore instructor, computer genius’s, PV and 12 volt system experts, top notch radio experts, food preservation fans, home growing types (food not pot) Crossbow and archery fans , off gridders,ichthyologists, mechanics, nurse practitioners, bikers, homeopaths, computer geeks,archivists and researchers, electronics experts, cycling hobbyists, liesure campers, long term survivalists, new and old preppers, heck we do have quite a nice mix of people all doing quite well.
    It makes me feel quite humble to be in such company 🙂

  • hrusai

    some good points here, but i think you phrased your article very badly, you made it sound as if you were bragging and threatening us, and if as you say, you’ve been looking at our forum for a while, you should know we dont like that sorta thing, also why havent you piped up before? saying this info on the forum after introducing yourself would’ve made sure you were met with a better response, anyway its nice to know at least some of us are already ready!

  • Lightspeed

    Think we may be being a bit hard on Sarge. He’s a new poster on here and is offering assistance.

    He does preface his article with “One mans view on what lies ahead and how he is thinking”

    Electronic written communication always has the propensity to be mis-read and misinterpreted.

    Maybe we should give this guy a break, so that he remains available to any less well prepared of us, should we need his advice or assistance?

  • bigpaul

    LS, i dont like his attitude and i WONT be seeking his assistance, there are much wiser and knowledgeable people on the forum who take an active role and give wise council, not lurk for a while and then pop up-not on the forum but on the front page, and proceed to lecture everyone, insult and threaten anyone and everyone on this excellent site. sorry we dont need BS artists or Rambo wannabees( by the way, using the name “Sarge” is he even British or even in the country? he does say he’s not in England!)

  • Lightspeed

    BP, I understand your position and also that of others.

    Those who want advice from Sarge can ask him by PM if he logs onto the forum.

    Those who do not want his advice are free to ignore the offer. Simple.

    Personally, I pretty much do my own thing, and leave others do as they please, provided they don’t directly interfere with me and mine 🙂

  • Good morning

    To be fair I read the forums but do not post, I am very new to forums and don’t feel that confident yet. I am not ex-military either but do have some knowledge that I feel others might benefit from.

    I have learned so much from this and other sites and as the massive diversity of people grows I will continue to learn and hopefully give myself and my family a better chance of survival when whatever is coming down the pipe hits us.

    Thank you all for my continuing education.

    Take care

  • sarge

    Ok Guys no problemo, There was no threat, i believe I even said ” friendly warning” considering no one was interested, activity in the areas I’ve mentioned as gone up increasingly People walking around with tiny shovels and metal detectors. I even joined one party and shared their Tea and sandwiches , it was a good day out.


    I like sandwiches, what was the filling ?

  • Bug_out_Bag

    Why is everyone getting themselves so upset about Sarge’s post? Why does it matter? If you don’t like what he has to say, why bother? Is kneejerk reaction a prerequisite here? If you ask me getting yourselves in such a froth about this article is a complete waste of your energy! I’m not sure what the point of many of these posts are? Perhaps someone can enlighten me! (Ooops … no need to react … that was rhetorical!!!). 😀

  • Northern Raider

    Do what I do with wannabes and fantasists and just ignore them.

  • Skean Dhude

    Guys, I’m going to delete some of these comments are they are certainly ad hominem.

    It is one persons view and whilst we all have the right to believe what we want if you are unhappy with it then provide discusiion points or simply just ignore the thread.

    Personally, I thing anyone can contribute and I posted this post simply as an example of one persons thinking. It sounds like it suits him and although clearly it doesn’t suit many of you this is a bit OTT in my view.

    Play nice please.

  • Sarge

    Thank you Skean Dhude.
    As you’ll know you asked me if it was ok to post this up, and I agreed.
    There really is no problem in these comments.

    I have read a few comments here in the past that I did not agree with but could not think of anything constructive to add to their posts, so I just kept quiet.
    A lesson a few could learn from, if they’ve learnt nothing else.
    Once again Thank you

    • Skean Dhude

      Sarge, I posted this because I thought it would cause debate. I didn’t expect it to degrade to the level it did. Everyone else is free to make the same sort of post although now many may have second thoughts.

  • bigpaul

    given the way the article was worded it does not surprise me that we reacted as we did. i’m all for freedom of speech but the way the article was written it sounded like a personal threat to anyone and everyone who read it.

  • Sarge

    Hi all
    if you can’t keep your cool over a few words. Heaven help you. You’ll be ranting and raving all over the place, you need to learn to Go with the flow and chillax.God help anyone that’s stuck with you in any confined space.

  • bigpaul

    its a pity you cant express yourself better Sarge, “chillax” is that some modern speak? new one on me..sounds a bit American which reinforces my belief you are neither British nor in Britain, may even be a government spy…nothing would surprise me!

  • Sarge

    Hi bigpaul I believe i’ve expressed myself very well through this. I’ve never at any time said that I was British, only that I have trained here and now live here. In sunny south Wales.Not far from The Brecon Beacons national Park. I have lived here for a few years now.

    chillax 1. To chill and relax simultaneously.
    2. To loosen or reduce the level of stress by employing a more relaxed and groovy outlook.

    Origin: As employed by an older teenage sister (JCP) to her overly ebullient younger siblings (JEP) and (KSG).
    Hey! You guys need to chillax or I’m telling mom!


  • Sarge

    Nothing a”bit Intense” about chilax Barneyboy. Try it


  • Sarge

    Bit Like ” Smoke if you got em” I supose


  • Sarge

    Just in case..

    Smoke ’em if you got ’em Indicates that the smoking tobacco is permissible and encouraged.

    Originated in mid-20th century wartime. Commonly used during small gatherings of allied troops. Tobacco was a rationed commodity, at the time, and was generally in short supply.

    The term was later popularized in Hollywood war movies.
    The commanding officer would typically use the term when opening a meeting in order to get the troops’ attention and to relax them (assuming, of course, that they ‘had em’).

    “It’s getting rough out there. We’ve got to review strategy. Smoke ’em if you got ’em. We’ve got some tough decisions to make….”

    I usauly say this when in a safe area after a patrol ( never on patrol)or during a debrief.


  • Northern Raider

    Gentlemen, please show a bit of respect for SD and stop writing rants on our home page,the stuff written on here gets picked up by search engines. If like myself you have no time for Mr Sarge just ignore him.

  • Timelord


  • Good idea in principle.

    BUT… I know at least 2 dozen people in and around South Wales, all either ex-forces or currently serving who have exactly the same idea as you. And they’re just the ones I know. Most have FACs, they’re members of the same MSG. They run survival weekends all over the beacons, every weekend. They know the area inside out, having grown up there.

    Run for the hills sounds nice, but you need to make sure you’ve got your own hill.

  • Well iknow i too am a ‘newbie’ and openly admit that i don’t know enough to last 5 minutes depending on the particular type and quantity of s##t hitting said fan, but i do agree that people / survivors will be only to happy to kill their next door neighbours for a slice of bread ! So any help from anybody is welcome if it will keep my family alive and safe.
    Mind how you go.

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