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How we need to prepare


Some things you just can’t prepare for

and this week I seemed to hit them all. Luckily none were too serious. I was going to leave the surveys up for a few days anyway but it went on much longer than intended.

First of all I was tied up at work on some business for the last two weeks with little time to do anything but I am getting paid and so I suspect I should give them some of my time in return. So I ended up with little time to do anything.

Next up was a conversion to BT broadband at my parents. What a disaster. The speed at the extension was 0.2Mbs, Yes. Zero point two. It kept timing out and it was impossible for me to download my mails, even browsing sites was a nightmare. So for all those I have not responded too it wasn’t that I was ignoring you. It seems that paying up front for an 18 month service is not a good idea. It seems that full speed can only be obtained at the first point, outside the door and where the BT engineer installed it because of convenience. Won’t cause a problem they were told. Didn’t cause a problem for BT who pocketed some cash for a poor service.

So in the next few days I need to catch up on my emails, post some radio files I believe and put some new posts up.

Just to keep you talking have a read of this at Lizzies. Hurricane Sandy, A Rehearsal For Global Cooling?. It is something that is being talked about more often and we have already discussed it here as a potential scenario. It seems to be moving up the list of potential events rapidly despite everything going on around the world. I’ll be coming back to this scenario over the next few days are it has major issues for us.

8 comments to Some things you just can’t prepare for

  • prepper1

    ive seen several articles and documentaries that sugested that mankinds reign has been in just a blip in a warm period and that our northern parts are normaly cold naturaly and that they will return that way. at least that’ll stop them banging on about the loss of polar bear habitat,ice and snow as far as the eye can see…igloos all round and at least the beer will be cold.

  • Paul

    Yet zillions have been wasted by the government to provide fast broadband for all.

    As for Lizzie’s article. Too far into the future.
    Deaths are going to happen soon, probably this winter, definitely next year.
    It’ll be as a direct result of the UK’s “caring” government giving the aged, weak, and poor the choice of heating their homes or starving this winter.

    Then later on, when the lights dim, we can thank the Eco-lobby manipulating the EU power policy for making weak governments (UK being a case in point) too scared to build fossil or even nuclear power stations.

    Got to love those tree huggers.
    Save the planet!
    My question is for who?

  • moosedog

    On the subject of things you can’t prepare for I came across an interesting BBC programme from 1984 which, according to the description, was “aired one Sunday night at 9pm to an unsuspecting TV audience… and was then quietly removed from the archives until 2002… it redefines the word grim.” It’s nearly 2 hours long and pretty sobering viewing. Search You Tube for “THREADS” (Nuclear War).

  • Liam

    “Threads” is a must watch, it still gives me the willies now. Popcorn is probably not what I’d use probably a bottle of whiskey.
    For anyone who hasn’t watched it… Threads is the post Nuke film that is almost the exact opposite of Mad Max, worth watching for the Governments complete lack of control.

  • fred

    Commiserations, Skeane. They sound nice people, your folks.

  • iaaems

    Regarding the broadband – if your parents live in a rural area then distance from the local exchange comes into play as experienced here in Norfolk. I would think, also, that the condition of the internal communications wiring in the property past the first ‘box’ might just come into it too.
    As well as the distance from the exchange the ‘size’ of the exchange and the amount of equipment for the services provided would also come into play. If you have any local bandwidth hoggers does not bode well either.

  • iaaems

    Just been looking at the latest edition of Computer Active Mag to come through the door – interesting article on broadband and local set up.

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