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How we need to prepare


It is not MAD but insane

One of the key corner stones of our defence policy during the cold war was the fact that despite political reteric and propaganda the enemy loved their children too. They all believed in the philosophy of MAD and wanting to live and keep their children alive they kept the covers over the buttons for the nukes. It kept us alive during the cold war despite the many times things went close to the edge.

The only problem is that a nuclear deterent is a very expensive toy to have as our government is finding out. The want the toy because of the power it gives having a nuclear option, ask anyone, including North Korea, what benefits having a nuclear option is and if you are still uncertain ask anyone, Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad, Amadinnerjacket, those that are still alive anyway, what not having a nuclear option does to you. So what we do is keep the nuclear option but vastly reduce the warheads to something affordable. Look at the number of published warheads we have for our four Trident SSBNs. Our boats are much smaller than our cousins in the US Ohio Class Tridents, we then reduce the firepower more by replacing warheads with concrete ballast. The main impact about that is that it makes the punch back, the mutual destruction bit less likely as we don’t have the capability to deliver the required megatonnage of damage. We are therefore relying on the US to pick up the slack. That is OK while we were their close ally but less so when we have no special relationship. Now we could be attacked and if no US forces are threatened directly why would the Yanks pull out the stops and risk an attack on themselves for us, and I wouldn’t blame them. This means a nuclear war not involving the US can now be considered survivable by our enemies. Certainly against us and as we are basically looking at a three way fight, where the US, Russia and China are the players, with us being a minor player on the side of the US. We have reduced the total load that our side of the fence can deliver. This leaves the other sides with a view that as the US is also reducing its warheads in line with international treaties soon it will be clear that a nuclear way is survivable and thus the nuclear option is viable across all the countries.

Add to this the fact that many Russian and Chinese targets are out of in the country and the West’s targets are all near town and cities MAD is no longer true. Our civilans are wiped out while our weapons destroy military infrastructure only leaving their civilians alive.

Regardless of the impact to the rest of the world we have know for some time that five average warheads could blanket our country in nuclear fire. Will there only be five incoming then? Doubtful as they can’t be certain of delivery. Will they will also target more sites? Very Likely. Who doesn’t want to nuke Kirkcaldy for voting in Gordon Brown? Unlike us by the looks of things the other sides are looking to win and destroy their enemy. We don’t seem to want to hurt anyone. We have become weak and this makes us a viable target. The rich kid who is a seven stone weakling and fighting out of their depth.

So, if our enemies can see a nuclear war is survivable this makes it much more likely that they will push the button and the more countries with nukes the more likely that someone will smack someone down. The more recent members of the nuke club don’t even care about their kids as long as the Great Satan, and its bum chum, the UK, are hurting.

I’m preparing for one. Not my most likely scenario but certain one on my list.

4 comments to It is not MAD but insane

  • Terro

    Good read
    Your absolutely wright about us not wanting to hurt any one
    We’ve become far to goodie goodie thinking that if we’re nice and humane our enemies will b also? Rubbish
    Heard a Lady on radio two a while back basically saying we should get rid of the army ect because this is the 21st century and no one is evil and bad and wants to take over any other countries any more (or some rubbish like that)
    The worst thing was is that she actually believed it and so did others?
    I think we need to keep a strong stance when it comes to these things or I think what we are all preparing for might come sooner than we want?

  • Kenneth Eames

    Time to build a decent Bunker and as deep as possible. 30 metres deep isn’t too deep. If you can afford to do this you will also need blast valves fitted, an air circulation system with filters, genrator to operate, etc.. Where is the Billionaire to fund us? We can take our chances and dig a trench and cover with old doors and soil. Then pray to God! Government and their lackeys should be safe. Try to get a job with the Government if you live in London. Kenneth Eames.

  • Neveready

    I am considering the benefits of “Prepping” for situations which I believe are unlikely but possible.

    Things like Dissidents bombing or poisoning and disrupting the water supply (if you live in England more likely to be Islamist terrorists), or an unexpected natural disaster due to weather conditions or a cut off in oil supplies.

    There are no volcanoes here, no San Andreas fault, no nuclear power stations, I believe as a former member of CND the likelihood of a nuclear attack has decreased considerably since I was a student.

    I am not interested in living in a hole like a rat or arming myself to the teeth so I can shoot hungry people who cannot feed their children.

    Maybe dying like a civilized human being is better than living like an animal?

    While I believe prepping is sensible and a necessity, I think scaremongering is negative and the concentration on weaponry on prepping sites and Nat Geo paints Preppers as a paranoid, cold and greedy bunch of eccentrics at best and a bunch of dangerous lunatics who see their fellow men as the enemy at worst.

    Would this make me a “freak” in the “prepping community” (as far as one exists?)

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