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Working away

In case you are wondering where I have gone I thought I would let you know I’ve been working away all week. I’ve been sent down to Croydon to work on some computer systems for a client. I’ll be away for several months coming home at weekends.

Initially I thought I would be able to […]

Air Guns in Scotland

Just been reading the proposal for registering air guns in Scotland. People are saying it will be unworkable but I don’t see it any different to the licensing laws for any other firearm. They can just add it to the SGC scheme and handle it in exactly the same way.

They won’t of course, they […]

Not exactly the height of fashion

Central heating is quite a modern system. There are many people here who grew up in houses that did not have central heating and instead relied on other forms of heating to keep themselves warm.

As well as the ever handy fire which usually was in one room, and therefore heating one room only, our […]

Building Immunities

One disadvantage of living in the cotton wool society we live in now is that our bodies as well as our minds become weak. Living in a socialist state means we don’t have the balls to fight for what is right and wait for someone else to do it for us. We are a bunch […]