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Getting the most from this site

There were several reasons I set this site up;

  • I’d accepted my political work was not going to change anything and I was wasting my time. I wanted to do something consructive
  • I wanted to pass on the knowledge I’d learnt from my experience
  • I wanted to help our UK preppers as most things were US biased and there is a big difference
  • I wanted to meet and cooperate with like minded people
  • I wanted to learn from others

So, I created Survival UK and so far I’ve being doing OK. I’ve a nice little community here with a variety of experience and skill sets all communicating and passing along information.

So I supply regular data updates, access to a forum so you had discuss anything prepping related and thus you can increase your knowledge and, by having a go, experience. If this is sufficient for you then you can continue doing this without any issues.

Some of us have also taken advantage and arranged a few meets among ourselves. This is one area though that we need to take a bit more responsability. Recent experience has shown that when a meet is set up many people don’t bother turning up. It seems that there is a hard core of a few people that turn up to a general meet that has been arranged. One on one meets have nearly 100% success rate. For me anyway as I am prepared to travel. I have met a few people from these forums ove the years. Every one has been interesting in one way or another. I’ve learnt a lot about people and what motivates them to prepare. Most people are friendly and helpful.

I don’t know if it is the first contact or the fact they are meeting new people. It takes all sorts to be preppers and some of us are more than comfortable meeting new people some are not. They say they are and in reality would like to meet others but not people they see as ‘loud’ and ‘forward’ for want of better words. The people who are organising and attending these meets are all confident with their own abilities.

However, this doesn’t mean that those people less confident can’t meet. This is one of the ways you gain confidence anyway. This is the reason I make it so easy to link up with others. Send people that sound similar to yourself PMs and make contact on-line. Eventually you can move to the real world and meet up to build relationships, either based around location or similarities.

If you want to squeeze the most of this site you need to participate. Doing some of the tasks we talk about is a must, you have to gain experience beore you need to do these things for real as well as arranging for simple meetings to simply talk.

I’m not someone who has to meet people. I do enjoy meeting people to talk about things. Particularly when they now more than me about topics. That is where I learn or meet people who can do what I can’t.

The people I meet at these RVs are people with a purpose. They want to learn and meet like minded people to share knowledge and build relationships that could help them in the future.

Arrange your own RVs with people you think are like minded. People you think you can trust from their writings. This may help you in the future.

From now on I’m going to continue to meet people one on one. To build up relationships then invite those with common interests to RVs to discuss those interests or to provide experiences around those interests. Perhaps training courses on specific subject requested or offered by people. Some of these may get offered to others.

Join in. Arrange your own RVs and attend those arranged by others. It will cost you time, money and effort but you will find it worth it if you choose your RVs wisely. Just don’t say you are going if you have no intention of going as it is annoying for thosemaking the arrangements and uncourteous.

Remember all of us have a common purpose in mind. Working together we will be stronger.

7 comments to Getting the most from this site

  • Northern Raider

    And you are doing a bloody good job keeping the forum on an even keel, I’m proud to be associated with you and delighted with the constantly high calibre of the forums membership, keep it up.

    You can send the cheque to
    Castle NR
    Co Durham

  • Northern Raider

    Slightly more seriously in my time prepping with the Americans before the UK scene started to mature I was always amazed by the distance many Americans would be prepared to travel to meet up for RVs, Social get togthers, special events (usually involving lots of target shooting) these people were often those of very modest incomes, indeed many were as poor and skint as the average Brit of the time. Yet these folks to drive upwards of a 1000 miles in battered clapped out vehicles to attend stuff like LIVE FREE training weekends, 1800s re-enactment living skills events, survivalist rendezvous, gun shows were other survivalists gathered, seminars etc etc. Very often one would speak to these most wonderful heartland mid westerners and find they only got 14 days annual leave a year but would still use part of that to gain skills, contacts and experoence at gatherings of like minded folks. These wonderful people left a lasting impression on me (unlike coastal Merkins :)). I never met one American survivalist family who did not believe it was right and their christian duty to make sacrifices to attend RV which benefited their families long term security.

    Sadly this trait is uncommon among UK preppers with the exception of a smallish minority, Yanks have a Can Do mentality, Brits appear to have 500 good excuses as to why they cannot do whatever is planned.

  • Northern Raider

    You can lead a prepper to water but you cannot make him filter it or ( or store it or learn about its chemistry)!!!

  • Grumpy Grandpa

    I couldn’t agree more with NR’s first comment. I will remain eternally grateful to you and to your site, which I stumbled across quite by accident. Without it, and you, with the foresight you had in setting it up, and the other contributors here, some of whom I owe especial thanks, I would still be bumbling on, unknowing and uncaring.

    I haven’t yet got very far but my eyes have at least been opened and although I’m heading towards being ‘past it’, I can still learn and also put my cobweb-covered life skills to use once more.

    As for RV’s, I dearly wish I could travel but with some of us at least, it’s not a lack of desire, or commitment or oomph. The pain of my disability severely restricts my radius of travel without ‘topping up’ with extra meds. (Then I’m happier to the point of grinning inanely at all and sundry but not much use in a conversation!!) I do now see a couple or three who might be close enough (Glasgow area will do quite nicely, thank you!) to make it possible.

    Time to put up a post, perhaps….

  • fred

    If you want to squeeze the most of this site you need to participate.

    Was waiting for this bit – always the way.

  • TL

    Good site, coming on well. Gratitude is well deserved SD.

  • Kenneth Eames

    You’ve done an excellent job SD. I am sure you will be rewarded in some way. I am sure many of us will be eternally grateful for this excellent site. Ken Eames.

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