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How we need to prepare


Getting the most from this site

There were several reasons I set this site up;

I’d accepted my political work was not going to change anything and I was wasting my time. I wanted to do something consructive I wanted to pass on the knowledge I’d learnt from my experience I wanted to help our UK preppers as most things were […]

Tales from the Riverbank – Pt 5

There is another lifestyle available on a boat: that of the nomadic boater who travels the waterways constantly, never mooring up in one location for any length of time, here today and gone tomorrow.

I met only a few people during my five years afloat who lived this way and only experienced it for a […]

How much do I spend?

A very difficult question and one only you can answer.

We all have unique circumstances. Some of us can afford to buy everything we want at once. They can live a high life yet still put aside preps. Others can barely live day to day and only have time to invest in prepping, most of […]