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Secure Email Services

Following on from how to install TOR I will provide instructions on how to obtain Secure Email that is accessed and used via the TOR Installation.

To install

  1. Left Click on the Start Icon in bottom left hand corner of screen.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Input into search: (Start Tor Browser)
  4. Right click the file.
  5. Click run as Adminstrator.
  6. Click Yes.
  7. Click on the world Icon on icon bar at bottom of screen.
  8. This Should say TorBrowser.
  9. Input into Torbrowser search: and click enter.
  10. Read fully the page that loads up.
  11. When you have done this input: http://jhiwjjlqpyawmpjx.onion/ into the TorBrowser it will not work on a normal Internet Browser it will only work on TorBrowser.
  12. Left click once the Signup Icon on the website.
  13. Input your choice of Email Address on the form.
  14. Input your choice of Password on the form.
  15. Input your choice of Password again on the Confirm part of the form.
  16. Input the letters and numbers it shows in the box below.
  17. Click Complete Signup
  18. It will say the following if done correctly: Your Account has been created.
  19. Your choice of Email Address you inputted before is your Username.
  20. It will take 5 minutes approximately to create the Email Account.
  21. Now left click Login once.
  22. Left click once or twice the option: Squirrel Mail Webmail.
  23. It will say SquirrelMail Webmail for nuts.
  24. If you see this you are on the correct page.
  25. Input your Username into the Name Section.
  26. Input your choice of Password into Password Section.
  27. Left click once Login when done.
  28. You are now inside the email client.
  29. You are now done.

A few pieces of information regarding the use of this Email Service this is to protect you:

  • Do not input your Address, telephone number or name into a Email on this Service it could be used to identify you as the Account Owner.
  • Use this Email Service only for the use you would use the website for use it for all things related to this and subjects like it. Use another Email Address for day to day life.
  • Do not use it for any other use keep another Email Address for that purpose.
  • Remember your Email Address, Username and Password they can not be recovered.
  • Try if you can to memorize the details so it is not written down or stored anywhere.
  • Do not mention this Email Address on another Email Website.

I will follow up on this post with another use for the TOR Installation you Installed by following the first post on this subject. The subject of the post I put next you should use as well as this Email Service to use both of the applications together alongside using TorBrowser as well.

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