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Finding a bit of land

I’ve been looking for a bit of land for myself for nearly two years now without much success. I know exactly what I’m looking for but there seems to be little available within the strict criteria I have defined.

This is

  • Woodland
  • Field or pasture
  • Field hidden from the main road
  • Field not overlooked
  • Land able to be secured
  • Heavy vehicle access to Field
  • Egress in all directions
  • Hedges or trees along boundaries

A few days ago I decided I needed to invest some time and drive around the area looking for land that may be suitable and so last night I drove around for a few hours with the window down just looking for land that was suitable. I found no land for sale but I found two places I liked.

The first I will persue and identify the owner and see if we can strike a deal. It isn’t exactly what I want as one boundary is on a motorway but it is along an edge that won’t be a major issue.

The second I don’t think I can persue because right next to it is a compound. Brick walls all the way around and in the middle are four houses, garages and a large workshop. I also spotted chickens and some goats. I was lucky to see it as the gates were open as I slowly drove past but it certainly looks like a retreat to me. Right in the middle of Cheshire. The spot met most of my requirements as well, no woods though, but was much bigger than I am looking for. The land I liked was adjacent to it. I would guess their expansion plans include where I was looking. I’ll go back there and see what else I can see. Perhaps even make contact if I think it is safe. Looks like there is a lot invested in this compound and at least four families.

7 comments to Finding a bit of land

  • carnebwen

    I found a property near me with a large of land. But it is such a large amount (for a city) and the house on it is so ridiculously large (and built in 1897) that there is no way I would ever afford it. The main thing I want is the land. 13 acres with woodland, fruit trees and gardens.

    Since apparently a family of 4 only need 2 acres this amount is perfect for ducks, goats, llamas and what not. Plus I could do archery no problem.

    If anyone has 4.5million let me know. heck I would also have two properties on the land (gardeners cottage and gate house) that some of the preppers here could live “with” me. As it is, its a lottery win fantasy.

  • Highlander

    I hope you find what you are looking for,… I am not sure if I like the idea of the motorway on one of my boundaries, people are going to be using the major road systems to get around, even if there was no transport systems in place,.. that does sound a bit open and vulnerable

    The other place sounds very prepper organized

  • Northern Raider

    If you cannot find a lump of land then develop a contingency plan in the form of a Camper BOV you could live in, (like an overland expedition vehicle)

  • fred

    Have you considered a boat or a giant Noah’s Ark?

  • midnitemo

    I had the pleasure of visiting the Shetland island 2 months ago…wow what a place it is but i think i know where i would like to relocate funds permitting , only downside i see at the moment is there are to many oil and gas workers currently there but that can’t last forever…somewhere in the region of 80 islands…looked at a few of the easily accessible ones…this is my current fixation with a bug out destination…need to cut and run good and early though.

  • Highlander

    Islands would not be my preferred locations, it depends on the island of course, but many of them would soon run out of resources, with no re-supply arriving any time soon, everyone on that island would depend on what was there at the time of the event

    If the island is a Shetland Isle, then you would not only have to manage on your stores, but those store would have to be good enough to get you through a hard winter, even in the summer the northern isles get some really bad weather that often disrupts spring planting

  • midnitemo

    I visited at midsummer which is generally the best weather there is , i’m aiming to go back in Jan/Feb to see it at its worst , I prefer cold weather myself truth be told , my preference would be to get a croft on one of the more isolated islands , at the moment crofts are selling for 35k and up , just an idea at the moment and it might lead me down a blind alley who knows!

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