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How we need to prepare


Encrypted Communication Software

Encrypted Communication Software. Why use this?

Many popular applications are recorded and available on request to Law Enforcement Agencies. Applications like Skype for voice communication the conversations you have is available to the Authorities along with chat applications like Facebook being searched by Law Enforcement Agencies for anything useful to them.

What options are their […]

Fiction and Non-Fiction Books

I love real books. I have thousands of them and I seem to acquire a few more every month. Most but not all are related to prepping in one way or another but I also love SciFi and thrillers. I just enjoy sitting back and turning the pages whenever I can. Much better than reading […]


Botanical name: Arctium lappa, Lappa minor.

Parts used: Root, leaves and seed.

Medicinal Properties: Root: Diuretic, Depilatory, Alternative, Diaphoretic, Aperient, Cholagogue, Depurative. Leaves: Maturing, Hepatic. Seed: Alternative, Diuretic.

Medicinal Uses: The burrs (seed) and stems are bitter, whilst the roots and leaves are of sweet taste. Burdock is considered one of the finest blood purifiers, […]

Always keep an eye on the Primary Objective

There are actually two areas here that I want to make everyone aware of. Closely related but separate we must always have these in our minds when we are considering options and evaluating situations.


Lets look quickly at objectives first. They usually create themselves and we go off chasing our dreams. But as usual […]