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Happy New Year

Well we made it through another year without any major issues which is always a plus we must remember. I hope it has been a good year for you.

Personally, it has been a busy year for me with the job, balancing working away, the family, this site and personal time. It isn’t easy but I have done my best. The site itself has done OK despite my lack of time with lots of new members and many more contributors although some, (takes off hat and lowers head), have fallen by the wayside this year as well. Stats are still increasing slowly and uniques are up 30% over last year which shows growth despite the losses and lack of investment. I still get a massive amount of readers compared to contributors but have again been very lucky with some good writers keeping the site interesting.

Here is hoping that this year goes well and that you all get to live comfortably whilst preparing for a very uncertain future.

Happy New Year to you all. Our best wishes are with you.

2 comments to Happy New Year

  • Kenneth Eames

    A very Happy and Properous New Year to SD and the Members and Other viewers who frequent the Site. May this coming year enable you all to add greatly to your Prepperations and, may your God go with you and aid you with your Preps.

  • Skean Dhude

    Thanks for that Ken. Our wishes go with you also.

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