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The New Year Lull

I don’t know about you but after Christmas and New Year I just potter about for a week or so before I get myself out of the lethargy created by good food, good company and being away from work. It takes that long after my return to work for me to take a look around and decide to get moving again.

So, here we are, I’m ready to get back into the harness and continue where I paused late last year.

First things first. I need to make a plan of attack. It’ll be the same as last year so it won’t be too difficult.

  1. Make a list of the items I have dipped into over the holiday and replace them as soon as possible
  2. Rethink my plans to ensure they are still valid
  3. Revisit my lists and ensure that they are still valid and in line with my plans
  4. Revisit my projects and ensure they are still required and their priority

I’m a bit disappointed with my performance on Projects last year. I have a couple of high priority ones outstanding. Namely my land acquisition, the file download capability for the site and my solar panel install. The first two are key projects which have been outstanding for over two years and which I wanted to complete last year.

So this year I plan to complete the following projects;

  1. Find that elusive bit of land
  2. Complete the file download site and enable it
  3. Install the solar panels and connect up to the lights
  4. Set up a nucleus for breeding rabbits
  5. Set up an aquaphonics system

Better make the most of tonight I’m back in the harness tomorrow.

1 comment to The New Year Lull

  • Kenneth Eames

    Thank you for this SD, It’s time to reflect on what has been achieved and what I need to achieve this coming year. A time for planning. I’ve already started on my priorities for this year, making lists of what I have to do. Kenneth Eames.

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