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Three Years On – Happy Birthday to Survival UK

It seems much longer than three years ago when I started this site but that is probably due to the fact I was managing another site before then providing political commentary, a few very frustrating years that was but I did what I could even putting my head above the parapet until I simply decided that our corrupt and self serving politicians were never going to change and by then we were at a stage that financial collapse was inevitable. I then started this site to help people prepare for that almost certain future.

So three years on. I’m still happy that the site is doing what I intended;

  1. Providing information and advice for people to help them prepare
  2. Providing facilities to question and discuss options in prepping matters
  3. Providing facilities to enable people to meet and collaborate on prepping activities

It has really only been this last year where the meeting and collaboration part has taken off with several of you now actively involved with others in your local areas. It makes it all worthwhile and a lot more satisfaction than a political site could ever generate.

As far as stats go things are pretty much following the same formula as last year. I’m still getting a steady growth of readers at about 2% a month with significantly more readers than contributors. There seems to be a hard core of about fifteen people who comment and discuss on the site while there are literally thousands who simply read the main articles, many by RSS, and don’t comment. I get massive leaps, it goes up to 10 times normal, for about a week after I get mentioned on any US sites. This is pretty much in line with last years stats as well. Most of the core are the same people as last year as well. I’ve had a few emails from people after I queried this last year and it appears that the reason why is they are happy with the information and don’t have any questions or anything to add so they just don’t comment. Fair enough.

On a more personal note I’ve spent less time on here this year with work taking so much time especially with the travelling. It has allowed me to meet more of you though so that has been interesting but the site has had less posts over the year than previous years. I’m hoping to travel less this year and reverse that trend. The issue is though that I could use some articles from the users, thats you by the way. I just don’t know everything.

I like to think that we show the true issues that we need to prep for. No statement that all we need is a shotgun and 2000 cartridges. We look at it in a cold light and show how it is, how it will be and point out that no matter how much you have put aside, no matter how much you have spent and no matter how much experience you have there are no gaurantees. Only things you can do to improve your chances.

Here goes for another year.

5 comments to Three Years On – Happy Birthday to Survival UK

  • Grumpy Grandpa

    I’d just like to say thank you and well done SD, for the graft that you put in to this site and for your perseverance.

    I’ve said before that I came across SUK quite by chance, in April 13 and it certainly opened my eyes – my thanks for that also.

    I have become more of a reader than a poster of late and I think that’s because, with many of my questions answered and still without the means to follow the topics through, I have little more to ask at this stage and given my lack of progress, little of relevant experience to contribute.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing and may you open many more eyes!


  • Kenneth Eames

    Happy Birthday to SURVIVAL UK. May there be many more birthdays. I have certainly gleaned a great deal of information since I joined the site. I have met some like minded people as well, true preppers. I hope to meet more soon. I haven’t been very active in recent months on the site as there have been other important things to deal with but, hope to spend more time here this year. I have to thank you SD for running this site, you’ve worked wonders, it’s a great credit to you. Long may you continue. Slainte, Kenneth Eames.

  • Northern Raider

    A warm and genuine congratulations on taking SUK to its 3rd birthday, I’m pleased it is doing so well.

    I was honoured and pleased to be a small part of the forum in its early days when under SD’s guidance the forum took its initial steps.

    The forum has changed and evolved in those three years to a point I no longer get involved on a regular basis because I believe the original precept for the forum (A BRITISH prepper forum not a multi national bushcraft and gun forum) has been lost, but none the less the forum IS growing in readership and that is a major plus and SD deserves our gratitude for his efforts.

  • bigpaul

    I cant believe I’ve been on the forum for 2 years and 3 months! dosent time fly?? anyway keep up the good work SD, here’s to the next 3 years!

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