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How we need to prepare


New Year Catch Up – Livestock

As part of my year end review I also looked at the livestock I keep at home. I’ve already got chickens and bees but want to expand on that. I’ve thought of expanding into fish, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs and bugs and even considered a goat.

The current state of affairs is that I have […]

New Year Catch Up – Power

Last year I purchased a complete solar panel system of 240W. Not massive by any means. The reasoning behind it was simple. I have a house full of women and they just can’t seem to switch the lights off. My thoughts were I would power the lights, and the lights alone, and it would be […]

Herbal Training at NW Meet

Another interesting meet.

Started with TimeLord talking about Shotguns and that advantages of the smaller gauges, 20G or .410. The advantages of reloading your own shotgun shells in those gauges and why your should consider these options.

Then we went on to Ken Eames for his Herbal course.

First we made a few Tinctures. Passion […]

New Year Catch Up – Security Arrangements Pt 2

The second area I had my eyes opened on was Internal Security. Defending yourself against home invasion. TimeLord’s presentation and demonstration of medieval weaponry was a bit of a surprise. You could tell he was an expert in this area and his advice well worth listening too.

He demonstrated the use of various old style […]