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GoDaddy is pretty crap

Site has quickly resumed it’s old ways and because I’ve just added this site it is clear where the issues are. GoDaddy is having difficulty with a WordPress site and a MyBB forum at the same time. So much for the professional package. Looks like I need a different package per site. Alternatively I need my own server. I’ll look at that.

In the meantime I’m going to move the sites around. I’ll move the forum from GoDaddy next week and just leave this site and after a couple of weeks I’ll bring back the files section. See if GoDaddy has the oomph to manage that.

Update : 1-Apr-2015.
Looking at issue and it seems there was a problem with a plug ins connection to the DB server. It was holding on to the links until they timed out and thus everyone was locked out until the DB server timed out.

Managed to fix it by luck and with no help from the GoDaddy support team. The WordPress team had raised this as an issue on their blog and when I went to upgrade they suggested a couple of tests and the culprit was identified.

8 comments to GoDaddy is pretty crap

  • Fred

    I’d move the forum to blogcomments – no need for a forum and all that aggravation anyway, anyone wants to speak can do it here where we can all view it at one click. If you really must have a forum, then use an Open Thread page accessible from the navbar.

    What is a forum anyway? Just a blogger saying look – this is a major site? But that can be seen by the wealth of material you have accessible from the sidebar anyway and the most important thing – it is accessible at a glance and a touch.

    Perhaps a forum is so ‘members’ can feel part of some club. Well, you can do that on a blog too – have categories of commenter.

    I expect this will be ignored. 🙂

  • iaaems

    Sorry to hear about all these ‘techie’ problems – it does appear that some of these internet organisations promise quite a bit but when it comes to the reality of it all actually provide very little.
    With regard to the format – I feel that the forum ticks along quite well within its limitations.
    With regard to the main site – this is a good idea for articles and general publishing of the relevant material in my opinion.
    With regard to the archive – this is a necessity given the subject matter, the UK public library of the internet.
    With regard to Fred’s comments – how could we ignore constructive thoughts on the subject? SD has provided a very unique set up which applies to the UK. Maybe the technical mountain that he is trying to climb is a bit more complicated than at first envisaged and some fresh thought and compromises have to be made. Any useful thoughts on the subject would be more than welcome I am sure.

  • Northern Raider

    Get Barney and Midnitemo to chip in with the costs because they are good old socialists 🙂

  • Northern Raider

    Would scrapping the forum help, its not doing much these days cept for a few old lags and a couple of trolls, perhaps losing that and keeping this front section plus archives etc will do better.

  • Fred

    Yes, I think it’s best scrapped and run from the main page as blogposts. Someone wants to introduce a topic, well do it as a post and people comment.

  • bigpaul

    I’m not very impressed with people who want to scrap the forum who have never taken the time to take part in it.

  • River Song

    Personaly the forum is the first place I visit. I hated it when it wasn’t available.
    I kind of got lost in other places.

    SD – if Godaddy really don’t pan out, I MIGHT be able to help. I own my own
    VPS with Hostgator that while it has a lot of domains on it, has negligable traffic.

    Contact me via email and let me know what you need. I’m generally running under cPanel with mySQL databases etc


  • Fred

    “I kind of got lost in other places.”

    Wot, like the front page, River? 😉

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