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Catch Up

Well it has been a while but to be honest not a lot has happened. I’ve not done much on my projects as they are on hold but I’ve still been meeting and talking with a few preppers and still been storing stuff away for an acid rainy day. So prepping and life have gone on but I just have not done anything on the site.

I’ve bought myself a small estate car and replaced the nanny state vehicle although this one certainly has it’s fair share on nanny state touchy feely interferences.

I’ve lost three of my chickens to animals, the first was to a cat and the second two to a fox. That was an interesting time as even now I don’t understand how the fox got into the coop. I’ll get getting replacements in the next few weeks. None of the survivors are laying anything at all so looks like it could be chicken for dinner when I get around to it.

The bees survived the winter and are doing well. I’ve decided that I want to change the hives from the Beehaus to a standard National. The Beehaus is ideal for beginners but the restrictions that make it good for beginners is starting to limit what I want to do. More on this over the next few weeks as when the weather is warm enough I will be migrating them to their new home.

I’ve also just renewed my FAC. Cheshire Firearms are useless and are now anti gun. They don’t even follow the instructions that are laid down in their documentation and this caused me some problems but thanks to Bowdrill for his advice and help. The gun forums are saying that the new head of the Cheshire unit doesn’t really like guns and creates as many hurdles as she can. Servants of the people my bum part. These people should be reprimanded and punished for taking things beyond what they are entitled to do.

Work is still busy but looks like it is settling down. I’m going to work less extra hours and give myself some time to do what I want to do. Stick to NWH as much as I can.

Well aside from details on a few dozen more books, tins and tools you are up to date. I’ll expand on the chickens and bees at a later date and search through the forums for articles that should be on this site rather than the forum. That coupled with some new posts should bring us up to date.

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  • Ysbryd

    Living in Powys I’m lucky to have really straitforward firearms officers. As far back as I can remember I have had a certain antipathy for Cheshire plod…they’ve always been awkward buggers.

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