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Tobacco Storage

Been reading up about storing tobaccco. It’s going to be the next big thing I think. Being driven up in price and taxed to a tremendous extent it is a prime candidate for storage even before you take into account it is treated by the puritans worse than crack cocaine.

I’d always just thought that buying a few packets from white van man, err.. lost cost bulk buy provider, and putting them away would be the way forward but I’ve been reading up on the storage alternatives from a dedicated smoker who grows his own and he has looked at various storage methods. It appears that the best way is to buy bulk leaf from a bulk tobacco leaf supplier, he uses TL4U*, and store that. Being in leaf form means it doesn’t require tax paid on it until you convert it into a form that does, then you have to declare it.

* I don’t know any and this is the one used by this guys site. Do some research. You will find others.

3 comments to Tobacco Storage

  • Joe

    Remembered seeing this a few weeks back and thought you and others might find it interesting.

  • River Song

    Thanks for that useful post. What do you do with the leaf to make it useable? Just cut it up?

  • Skean Dhude


    You simply roll it for cigars, grind it up to large chunks to make cigarettes or finer chunks for snuff etc. Once you do this your use is clear and it becomes liable for tax.

    Whatever you do with it is better and healthier than what you buy as it doesn’t contain all the fillers they put in during production.

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