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In the Garden again

Just spent some time in the garden catching up with some chores. Planted the usual stuff, cleaned out the chickens and reset the traps.

The traps were necessary as a fox came in a few nights ago and terminated my two best layers plus mummy chicken. Didn’t even take them off to eat them even though she had cubs with her. So I’m now looking for some new chickens and looking to reduce the fox count in our area by three even though I don’t like killing foxes. So, like everyone else, I’m OK with something until it has an impact on me and mine. Better get it done though before our political leaders ban hunting totally in an alliance with the Watermelons.

I’ve been checking a few things as well and found one of the panes on my greenhouse is missing. I’m amazed that with the winds we have had recently the greenhouse is still standing. Need to fix that sharpish.

I’ve also got some loose piping on the water butt front and need to fix that. Of course any real prepper would have had it done so that entering summer we would have full butts. I have six butts with one not getting any more water and one totally empty so it could have been worse. It’ll rain soon and it only takes a couple of days rain to fill one of the butts. If we had more sense with our reservoirs we wouldn’t have to bother with meters and hosepipe bans.

Enough for today. I’m going to try and check the bees tomorrow. Hope the weather is OK.

1 comment to In the Garden again

  • straight shooter

    Because i have had to wind down on work…to pretty much a standstill , i am getting on with stuff around the cottage, there is loads to do but its getting done , moreover i can see the changes, i have always been to busy or to knackered so its always been a rushed response here and there now and then.

    Two acres sounds great , and it is, but its a full time job and lots of work but i must say i am happy with my lot and i am really enjoying this life at the moment, so much so i do not think i will change a thing of this lifestyle as it now is, there is a lot to be said for no stress, yes i am happy, and best of all you need little money i get and take only what i need.

    To all those taking time to read this, i would say this especially if you are young, you do not need to chase after money …like i once did thinking this will bring happiness, security and all things good…i am living proof it does NOT ..a simple easy life is the best, you can live like a king and enjoy your family THE BEST STUFF ….even if they act stupid ! in short do not waste years being a slave to useless crap like the latest plasma screen…or crap like “i am doing it for the wife and kids excuse …like i once did ….take a short cut…and listen up…you do not need it….start real living its fantastic…all you need is good health to achieve it….live LIFE !

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