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Moving on to the Land

Been a busy week. Mainly moving a lot of stuff on to the land to clear up space at home. Bees and Chickens are high on the list.

Priority though was the bees. I wanted to get them settled first so I can expand my colonies this year with having more space. So I purchased some concrete slabs and placed them in my selected spot. Moved the hives up two at a time and placed them where I wanted them to go making sure the bees were sealed in tight.

Bee Hives Mar 2016

Bees were out and about two days later and they seem to be fine.

Hive 1 Bees Mar 2016

Next thing I set up was my compost heap.


Already dumping stuff up there.

Started on building my chicken run. Will finish it over the weekend and start on the next one.

Building Chicken Run

Things are pretty hectic at the moment and taking advantage of the weather. If it isn’t raining I’m fiddling with something.

7 comments to Moving on to the Land

  • MaryN

    Wow! SD – very impressive. Did you build the beehives yourself?

  • Skean Dhude


    Yes and No. They come in kit form so you buy the precut wood and assemble them yourself. You can then paint them to improve life and I use whatever I have at hand and as you can see there are at least three different colour schemes there. The bees don’t mind if it is painted or not or what colour it is.

    My old beehaus hives were Green and Red plastic.

    I also have a polystyrene hive that I’ll try out soon. They are believed to be good in cold weather.

  • Fred

    Looking good there. Much work, you must be knackered.

  • Devonian

    Starting to look very organised already!!

    What is the area in the background, that looks like it has been fenced off with rope and posts. Do you have pond?

  • kiddsy

    Very nice s.d. I only hope you’re isolated enough on your bit of land that poachers or low life’s don’t get to know about it and cause havoc with your hard work. (wanna buy some land mines lol)

  • Skean Dhude


    What area in the background? If it is the chicken run pic and the bit top left it is just some trees. There are ponds on the land which I will be looking at in the summer. I’ll post pics of them then when I’m working on them.


    It is a bit off the beaten path but I’m sure visited by poachers. Installing cameras, acid mines, laser turrets and rabid dogs to keep away intruders. Plenty of room to bury the bodies.

  • Skean Dhude


    Ah! the white fencing. I didn’t realise you could see it at first. It is as you surmised a fence around one of the ponds. You can see one side of it here the rest is off picture. I’ll be removing the white rope on them all and replacing it with green netting when I get more stakes for the posts so it doesn’t stand out as the white made my kids go to see what it was which kind of defeats the object.

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