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How we need to prepare


Storing your preps

As our preps rely on us storing things we need to be pretty sure how we are going to do that correctly. Storing things, anything, is not just sticking it in the loft or in the shed and leaving it until we need it. Storing and preserving them for use requires careful handling.

There are […]

Think for yourselves

I’ve been reading books for a very long time, since I could read in fact, and I’ve always enjoyed the stories and the visuals you play in your mind. In many respects books are better than the films for that as you can imagine much more than they can reasonably display although special effects are […]

Veterinary medicine

Anyone that is considering looking after any animal, dogs, pigs, horses, chickens, among others, should also ensure that they are able to care for those animals in the event that they become ill or are injured. In this country we generally have a soft spot for animals. We generally try and treat our animals humanely […]


Software really is crap nowadays. I have just upgraded my version of VLC and now I find I can’t see the videos. Great. I guess it is because I am using an old Laptop atm. So much for backwards compatability.

It isn’t the only package that does this and although I understand why it is […]