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I wasn’t going to write about the tragic incident in Norway but I decided I wanted to for one reason only. To simply say that one person can make a difference and that difference could have a big impact on us. Unfortunately as we know it is much, much easier to destroy than to build. […]

Looking to the Future – Infrastructure

The next article in our series ‘Looking to the Future‘ is Infrastructure.

Infrastructure is a potential community project. With a potential usage encompassing all in the community to some level it is likely to be one of the first areas where the group decides to collaborate and share the load. The following areas can be […]

Looking to the Future – Education

The next article in our series ‘Looking to the Future‘ is Education.

Education is a subject close to my heart. I believe it is the great equaliser and allows people from all walks of life to gain the necessary skills to compete at the same level as everyone else. So no matter where you were […]

Medical knowledge

I’ve been looking at medical facilities after an event and as we are all aware there are going to be issues with simple medical equipment, never mind the issues around getting treated by someone with medical experience. However, despite the odds Doctors, Paramedics and Nurses will be available, they will just be in very short […]