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How we need to prepare


Basic forging

One area I have been looking at is making my own workshop. I already have several tools although they require power which I will need to have stored or be able to create. What though will I do when those items break down, wear out or I am unable to power them. You can only […]

Government bunkers

As news comes out that the British Government and royalty have a place in a nuclear bunker in Canada I was involved in a discussion over what our leaders were considering as an event.

The mere fact that they have set up such a mitigation plan means that they have an option on the table […]

By the Seaside

I live within an hour of the North Wales coastline. One thing I have considered is making that my BOL and making some preparations. There are many advantages and a couple of disadvantages.

The advantages are that;

There are not that many people in that area although there are quite a few that head that […]

Avoid the Tooth Fairy

In the olden days bad teeth was a death sentence. Although we had less sugars and acids in our diet we didn’t look after them as well and usually people lost their teeth early in life, leading quickly to starvation, sickness and then death. Remember it was a long time before our lifespan went beyond […]