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How we need to prepare



I’m not a religious person myself but accept that there are a lot of religious people around. People believe and, in general, that is a good thing as most religions support the kind of lifestyle that we believe in. They believe that you should be good to each other, don’t steal and don’t harm any […]

Reacting to a Contagion

An article by Northern Raider from Preppers UK. This article was originally a comment on this site under Population Reduction by deserved further distribution. Posted with permission of NR.

With the advent of the new movie CONTAGION and as we head back into the winter I thought we could look at preps to minimise the […]

Top of the food chain

After an event most of us accept that our control at the top of the food chain will be disrupted. It may be temporary and we may soon get back up, in individual cases it may not occur and in some cases we may not be able to regain our status.

The differences between those […]

UK Survival Community

I have just been contacted by Northern Raider, the like minded admin of a UK based Survival forum, Preppers UK. Link added to side bar for future reference.

Not only did he say good things about the site and your participations he also offered us any of his articles for our use. As you may […]