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Something for a change.

After spending most of the last few weeks eating well, mainly turkey, which I love. I was looking through for something different when I thought about an interesting multi purpose, easily kept, OPSEC friendly food source. This food source basically looks after itself, disposes of your food scraps, can be used as bait for traps, fish amd animals, and there are millions of them around your home and retreat and nobody ever thinks about them as food.

If you haven’t worked it out I’m talking about worms.

Worm’s may not be the perfect food you are thinking of but they are 70% protein. They are easy to hunt and catch. You can use them as bait for fish, birds and smaller animals as well as eating them yourself. The live off debris, food scraps, dead animals and a million and one biodegradable items you cannot eat. They are in every garden, field and even your pots and trays. Nobody sees them and if they do they ignore them.

You can make a large sealed container, a swimming pool, a bucket, an old freezer and fill it with earth, doesn’t even have to be good quality earth, they will convert it for you, old newspapers, cardboard, etc. Put some food in for them, scaps as well as leaves and grass as you would a compost heap and away you go.

An OPSEC friendly food source which you can use to make compost and bait until they are ready to harvest, when there are enough of them you can even split them off and do another batch. When people come looking they will look on the earth for plants and leave the real food source alone.

As an added bonus the health benefits from eating worms are just starting to be understood. It builds up your immune system and children who grow up in a non sterile normal environmenthave much better immune systems. So you should start now.

It’ll make an interesting change from turkey, beef or pork.

7 comments to Something for a change.

  • mike

    Hmmm thought about worms for food myself…
    BUT along with the canibalism I think thats gonna be when and if I have too…

  • Skean Dhude


    I think I could see this being a staple food source for us. Perhaps in a sweet and sour sauce. Must be worth a try.

  • mike

    I think your right about it being a food source, overlooked and underated, aparently you can dry them and sprinkle them in your gathered foods as well… makes them look less worm like. I’m all for giving it a go, maybe if we meet up we can have a worm eating contest and a prize for most worms or bugs eaten?

  • mike

    My local pet shop does grasshopper or crickets not sure which, they feed the lizards with them, could do them stir fried as well as the worms, beansprouts or noodles.. thats dinner sorted at a meet then…

  • Lincolnoldie

    I would have to be, and feel, really desperate, which I suppose I would be really, but simply couldn’t even entertain the thought at the moment!!

  • Silent Storm

    I’m not sure they’d be a good substitute for the Christmas turkey. Imagine trying to stuff one with a lemon and some paxo!!
    One a serious note, It’s amazing how protien rich insects and worms are, but we turn our noses up at them, our ancestors would think us mad to ignore such a great and abundant food source.

  • Bug out Bag

    Mmmmmm … Lovely tastes just like chicken, I’m sure! 😉

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