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How we need to prepare

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Catagories of scenarios

There are so many scenarios that we can face but they can be catagorised easily enough as they fall into a couple of areas as far as we are concerned;

1) Large scale die off so less competition for resources.
2) Slow die off due to starvation so massive competition for resources.
3) Initial die off to a much reduced level.
4) Support is coming, event is local to us, we just don’t now when.
5) No support is coming or we just don’t know.

Then of course we have our own living environments.
1) City
2) Towns or suburbs
3) Countryside
4) Isolated Retreat

and our own situations
1) Plenty of spare cash
2) Some spare cash
3) No spare cash
4) Not everyone bought in to the situation
5) Good stores
6) No stores

Most of us want to leave populated areas and live in the country because we see the biggest risk as competition for limited resources. This is not guaranteed to be the issue and isolation brings its own risks.

Unfortunately most of us are not in the position to have a BOL in each of these areas nor are we able to guarantee that we can plan around each scenario that could take place so we can relocate to the best area for us.

So most have us have decided that we need to Bug Out to the countryside but have no real base to Bug Out to. Others have decided to Bug In to our existing homes, survive short term and then make a decision on our future home. Each and every one of these decisions has up sides as well as down and each of us has to make our own decisions based on our own circumstances. Those decisions may not be ideal and we then need to prep for them.

Consider that we evaluate risk every day, and currently it is social collapse imo, but the Iran issue is warming up and we now that our leaders like wars to distract us from their cock ups, so that could be the next biggest risk. War bringing everyone together against a common enemy.

Plan, plan and plan again every time a risk changes and even if you live in a flat in London or a underground bunker in Snowdonia we will be in a better position to survive than 99% of the others in this country.

Bear in mind though that because we have no idea what to prepare for our plans could be wildly out. Make sure your plans are flexible enough to cover as many scenarios as you can.

5 comments to Catagories of scenarios

  • Northern Raider

    Flexability is the key word here, as SD says we need a PRIMARY plan designed specifically to meet your own families MAIN needs and concerns, but we must at all cost avoid the ” Eggs in one basket” secenario such as planning only to bug out, or prepping for a tsunami only to find out you cannot bug out and have to stay put, or a huge great civil war breaks out and hits your area instead of the tsunami.

    PRIMARY preps must have flexability and adaptability built into them, by all means focus strongly on your main worry but also keep an eye open and your mind receptive to some other catastrophe sneaking up on you from your blind side.

  • fred

    2, 2 and 2 seem most likely given the way things are going.

  • Simple Simon

    Like the article said, you dont have to plan for every event you just need to ensure that your plans are flexible enough to fit those events if they occur.

    In my opinion too much time is spent discussing and arguing over every minute detail of news reports from around the world that have no direct bearing on our survival. It’s a waste of time and effort that would be better spent discussing methods and skils that aid survival

    The basics of survival are simple – but in trying to cover every single bit of unverified news and dodgy internet link we make it complicated

    A well thought out plan, and preps with built in flexibility deal with most threats, the rest is just waffle.

  • Lux

    Most scenarios include a breakdown of the supply chain. Minimally one should be prepared to camp at come. Camping is easy. You just need to decide how many days you are planning to be camping.



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