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Conflicting Information

One of the issues that any new prepper faces is that many posts or instructions supported by so many have totally conflicting information in them. It is confusing for many experienced preppers as well but they have some experience to call on.

The reason for this is that each of our situations is unique. No preppers are the same situation as any others, location, funds, age, family ties, life experience make so many variables that what suits one person will not be suitable for another.

So when someone suggests a purchase, a course of action or a possible way forward you must always consider how that will apply to yourself and your situation. Ironically, it is possible that your situation demands that you do the opposite. It is a bit of a pickle for those who are starting to look at prepping.

The way to handle it though is not to panic. Consider the advantages that the method gives and then evaluate if you would get those benefits in your personal situation. Consider what could happen with each method in your situation. Consider what is in the scenario that the poster is not aware of. What if their suggestion is not going to be viable after TSHTF even for themselves. You never know.

So lets have a very simple example. We recommend having 6L per day per person. Storing enough water to keep your head down takes up space and adds stress to your home with the weight. Live out in the country near a stream and you don’t need to do that at all. You could store water outside or rely on the stream. Of course that is an easy one and easily worked out.

But you must do that with everything you are considering for your preps. Consider your unique situation and adapt or reject the suggestion. Reevaluate if your situation changes and reconsider suggestions rejected.

Adaptation is what will keep us alive. It allows us to take suggestions for one thing and adapt them for a different purpose.

Taking things as gospel and not evaluating them for your own unique use will, at the minimum, waste your money and at worst kill you.

For those just starting or those that are just unsure, while you build up this knowledge just watch, ask questions, use the forum and don’t rush into any major purchases. Stick to the basics like foodstuffs, buy stuff you eat now, and basic medical items which will enable you to get started and on the right path whilst you unravel your requirements for the extras, the non basics.

7 comments to Conflicting Information

  • Northern Raider

    Thats a very contemplative post boss, and useful as usual.

  • Northern Raider

    Adapt, Learn, Evolve or Die, its evolution at work and preppers and survivalists are at the top of the evolutionary tree.

  • prepper1

    Adapt, Overcome, Survive, Thrive.

    Adapt, mold yourself to any and all situations put your way with grit and determination,. dont even think about failing, it is not an option, you are an amazing creation with a brain to rival a computer, you can do it.

    Overcome it, think what you can do to beat the situation your faced with, thinking and thought is your friend. Blind panic will kill you.

    Survive it, failure to survive must not be considered, that’s your primary objective as a prepper/survivalist, survival.

    Thrive, thriving after the situation whatever it was, is the goal.

    Thriving is different than just plain old surviving.

    Thriving is survival with style.

  • Kenneth Eames

    Nil Desperandum! Never Give In. Fight to survive until your last breath. Keep thinking about it, until it is deeply embedded within your mind. Consider your situation and your surrounding area, plan for every event that can occur, how to escape from any situation. How will you deal with panic within your family? They cannot all be as composed as you.Think about your response. Work on these scenarios and you will have plans in your head to deal with most Survival situations. Kenneth Eames.


    link for self sealing cans
    sorry not a member this may help someone even if in the wrong place.

  • Kenneth Eames

    Hello Rob, Thanks for this, it looks as this may prove useful for storage. Items that cannot be bought canned can be stored safely within, not only food. Kenneth Eames.

  • Skean Dhude

    in a nice emp proof container and one that can be disguised simply by putting a label from another can on to it.

    Got to be worth a try.

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