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New Year Catch Up – The Site

I still have plans for the sites and there are four areas I want to focus on with them.

First of all the files site I’ve been going on about for two years. I will be releasing it soon. I’ve finally got my act together and made it a proper project. I’ve a hell of a lot of files that will be useful to everyone that needs to be put online. I need to get this done.

Secondly, I will monitor the forum over the next few months and make a decision on the software I want to use and the way forward. I have MyBB now and it has its issues. The add-ons have been problematic to say the least and it is very resource intensive. In addition the ISP issues I had at the beginning of the year have seen some users leave never to return and I’ve only just received a new user request since then where as before I was regularly getting three or four a week. I need to keep an eye on this area.

Thirdly, I need to make some changes to the main site. Nothing radical just moving the downloads and checklists to the files site, perhaps a new header and a general shake up to get the cobwebs off. There is slow but steady growth on the main site with more visiting as time goes on.

Finally I’m looking at adding a shop. I’m going to add an online shop to the site. Primarily to make some cash for prepping and to give myself a bit of bulk buying power for other items. Hopefully you will find it to be useful to you as well.

7 comments to New Year Catch Up – The Site

  • fred

    Phoenix from the ashes.

  • Northern Raider

    Still reckon the forum should only be visible to active members, if people are not willing to contribute even in the smallest of ways why should they just be able to come in and cherry pick the hard work created by the other members?

    • Luci ferson

      erm because people who are lazey like me, cant be bothered to keep signing in if we got nothing to say 🙂
      besides ive forgotten my password too lol

  • John

    Again I must agree with NR.
    If they are not registered then they should not be able to access things like files especially.
    I mean it is fee to register.
    Also it may be helpful, like some other sites that you have to post, and not one liners, say two or three times before getting the benefit, again especially the files that you hope to post shortly.

  • iaaems

    We seem to be surrounded by rules and regulations everywhere we go these days.
    One of the great attractions, for me, at least, on the web, is the fact that one can come and go as one pleases and contribute or not as the case may be. If the site owner is happy with this arrangement then all is well. With the forum you have to register to take part in the discussion. If you do not wish to register then you can read what others are saying – just like you can hear a conversation in a pub or where ever. If you want to contribute to the conversation in the pub then you introduce yourself – simples.
    If the ‘rules’ get changed then you decide whether you wish to stay or not – again simples.
    One of the attractions of this particular site is the lack of rules and regulations and the seemingly very helpful attitude of all those who participate – long may it continue.

  • John

    I think both what NR and I saying is basically regarding the many files that have been contributed for free downloading when SD is happy with it all. The forum and the rest of the site is a different matter.
    I personally don’t see why others should be able cherry pick, as NR has said, others hard work with no contribution. I know some sites do this and if you like it is a way getting the prepping message out. But if people are serious enough to want or even consider the information in these files then they should also wish to contribute.

  • Northern Raider

    Hell yes, stuff folks like Light Speed, Wet & Dry, Myself etc and those other contributors who have provided useful guides and reference material for new preppers or preppers wanting a bit of specialist guidance of course we gave that material freely for the benefit to everyone. But the other stuff and material we work hard to produce by research and debate and cooperation on the FORUM should only be I feel only accessible to active participating members.

    I know as a fact of people coming to SUK and harvesting documents for their benefit then going to other forums and criticising SD and SUK.

    Still what SD decides will be the house rule like it or not.

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