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Rehydration Solutions

Every now and again something happens which can give someone diarrhoea. Sometimes this can be serious and may require rehydration or it can lead to death, sometimes in mere hours. If you have available some dioralyte or similar in your medicine cabinet then simply follow the instructions on the packet. What do you do though […]

Mental preparedness

Yesterday I posted an article about OPSEC which touched on the subject of what could happen if a disaster situation hit and your neighbours knew you were prepared and came calling.

Here it is again. Slightly edited but have a serious think about it. You need to.

What would you do in this situation? Watch […]

Keeping your head down

Because of my background, I’ve worked a lot in the MoD, I always think about the security aspect of all my projects. From the actual physical security to operational security. Keeping quiet about it.

Operation security is a necessary part of preparing for issues. What we do not want is a scene like in the […]

Computer use for survival

Computers are an everyday item now for most of us in the western world, and are a rapidly growing area in the third world, where they are used for communication, information management and data analysis.

Communication in as much as emails, IM, VOIP type calls as well as feedback via comments on blogs and web […]