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Food Storage Shelf Life

I’m regularly being asked ‘How long does stuff last?’. I’ve read a lot about it and have some data in my files for the basics but it depends on so many variables it is difficult to say.

Here is an interesting article at Family Survival Planning which you should read, digest and store for future reference. It gives the things to watch out for and a large list of the shelf life for certain items.

Most of these will last more than enough time for us to start producing our own food. It doesn’t hurt to have extra though if you can afford it. Remember, I’m recommending 15 months.

6 comments to Food Storage Shelf Life

  • mike

    I had some asda smart price noodles in my stores 2 years out of date, apart from the packet of chicken seasoning you add to the noodles going from loose powder to oxo cube consistancy, they tasted as good as new when I had them for my dinner the other day…

  • Skean Dhude


    I had some with the seasoning in metal foil. They tainted the noodles and they tasted awful. They couldn’t be eaten so be careful what the seasoning is stored in. I’ve eaten Asda noodles about 5 years out of date. Seasoning was rock solid but the noodles were OK.

    • Lightspeed

      Mike and SD,

      Maybe its more a case that Asda noodles taste just as bad 5 years after their sell-by date as they did when they were fresly purchased 🙂

      I have experience of little princesses that refuse to eat anything beyond its sell by date. Our children, many of them now adult, have lost the ability to determin for themselves if the food they eat is safe.

      Good article in the link by the way SD. Very useful.


  • gerry whatford

    I dont know about asda noodles,but when I was in the army in 1956/7 41 garrison hook of holland,BFPO 27.when on duty in garrison hq :our evening meal consisted of a loaf of bread,with tins of meat,tea,butter,sugar and jam all. tins dated 1945.I also do a fair amount of home bottleing with kilner jars .but my stock control is not that good,and a couple of years ago I found a jar
    of tomatoes dated 1992,which we ate and were very good. GWW

  • Skean Dhude


    Welcome. I’ve got the same problem and I regularly come across something the label has fallen off or can’t be read. I do the normal smell, look checks and then eat it. So far very few items have failed and I’m still al….. 🙂

    • Lightspeed

      the normal smell /look check is the best way to go.

      Old preserved food is similar to UK mushrooms….. In the UK you can eat any mushroom you find, but some of them only once!!!


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