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How we need to prepare


Body disposal in a post collapse world

Several people have posed the question recently of what to do with corpses, of which there will be many, post-collapse. There are views ranging from leave them where they drop hoping animals will deal with them, to funeral services conducted by …whoever, through to mass burials and cremation. There are circumstances that will most likely […]

British Pluck

I think we need to face facts. The British Pluck has gone from public view. Replaced by metrosexuals who get their hair highlighted, their nails manicured and cry when they get frustrated or they see a dead animal in the road. Our society sees this as progress. The violence is being beaten out of us. […]

The difficult questions

We are all quite comfortable putting aside tins, gaining knowledge for the event we are certain is going to arrive and we all put aside what we can afford and prepare in our own little way.

The one thing we cannot really prep for are the difficult questions facing us after an event;

Handing intruders […]

Starting out

One of the most common questions I get asked is ‘I’m new to prepping. Where do I start?’

It is a reasonable question and I’ve tried to answer it in the get started here section of this site. However, people still find the whole thing daunting and just get stuck. Many flounder at that point […]